new watchtower mag arrangement

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  • Nosferatu
    "You are irregular at meetings...

    Perhaps taking a laxative before heading to the KH would fix that.

  • LittleToe

    It will also potentially mean that there's a loophole for them to sue anyone electronically publishing the closed-circulation version with their changes of doctrines. Does anyone have access to legal, to confirm or deny this suspicion?

  • undercover
    It will also potentially mean that there's a loophole for them to sue anyone electronically publishing the closed-circulation version with their changes of doctrines. Does anyone have access to legal, to confirm or deny this suspicion?

    hmmm...interesting point.

    Keep the wackiness in the hands of the whackos only.. and if anyone distributes magazines meant only for the R&F, then they can be sued for copyright infringment.

    They're circling the wagons...

  • JT

    Don't expect the wt to shut down printing no time soon- keep in mind just a few years ago they made this purchase:

    Press Releases

    February 11, 2003 | Press release: MAN Roland:

    Multinational, large-scale order from Watchtower Society for MAN Roland

    The international religious organization Jehovah's Witnesses has recently ordered seven LITHOMAN presslines from MAN Roland Druckmaschinen AG, Offenbach/ Germany, to be installed in its printing plants in England, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Japan (one press each) and the USA (two presses). Delivery of the order running in the middle of tens of million Euros are expected to take place from July 2003.

    Almost 80 years of cooperation between Watchtower and MAN Roland

    With the biggest single order of this customer to date, MAN Roland continues the series of international successes in its cooperation with the Watchtower Society over a period of nearly eighty years by now: in 1927, Watchtower USA ordered the first letterpress machine from MAN Roland. A second press followed in 1929. By 1976, about 30 MAN Roland presses had been installed in the United States alone. This made Watchtower the biggest customer worldwide for MAN Roland at that time.

    Watchtower production now standardized worldwide with LITHOMAN

    Since 1984, Watchtower in Italy and the US has been working with a total of five 32-page LITHOMAN presslines. The positive experience with these machines has now led to the decision to use this press type worldwide. That means printing quality on the highest level worldwide. The new, single-web systems in 64-page configuration operate at speeds up to 45,000 cylinder revolutions per hour and with a web width of 1,480 millimetres. They are uniformly equipped with 2:5:5 folder.

    Publications with multimillion circulations

    In future, the new Watchtower LITHOMAN presses will be producing a large proportion of the high-circulation publications such as The Watchtower with a circulation of just under 25 million copies in 146 languages and Awake with a momentary circulation of 22 million copies in 86 languages. In addition, the machines are intended for use in the production of bibles or books of biblical exegesis, each in multimillion circulation.

  • Jim_TX

    Ya know... there's been a lot of talk about the WTBTS purchasing new printing presses and all...

    I have a question (and I hope it doesn't hijack this thread - which I am enjoying).

    Does the WTBTS do any 'outside' printing? For other companies? Where they charge a 'fee'?

    (Okay... that was 3 questions...)

    I'm just curious. Does anyone know the answers to these questions?


    Jim TX

  • candidlynuts

    with the poor quality of this past years releases (flimsy paperbacks) you'd be pretty pitiful to pay them to print anything!

  • luna2
    They will tell the JW's not to give this to those not coming to the meetings,
    they will act like it is a privilege to get the study articles.

    They did this with the Kingdom Ministries. I thought, at one time, that KMs were fairly plentiful and if you forgot yours at home it wasn't too much of a problem to get another copy. Then they became more scarce ...if you weren't attending meetings regularly or weren't in "good standing" you wouldn't get one. They no longer had extras on hand.

    Once you get shunted to outsider status and are no longer deemed worthy to receive certain publications, it becomes hard to attend meetings. Even if you're sort of feeling like going to a meeting, why bother when you're made to feel like a leper who is not even allowed a copy of what they are studying.

    Kind of cutting their own throats with this exclusivity bullshit. Good.

  • bobld

    If true. New pre-requisite for being a christian. no-missing meetings, min 10 hours fs.Pre study WT mag.However,you have to pre study wt mag at K.H.,you can't sign it out and ms or elder has to be present to make sure no one steals or takes it out of the K.H.

    The WT is suppose to be a bible based publication.It enables a person to look far in the future,looks at bible prophecies,exalts God's name , filfills bible prophecy,comforts all people,annouces God's kingdom,is non-political,HAS BIBLE AS IT'S AUTHORITY.Also God will accomplish all this soon.The GB/FDS is saying we can't waste any more slop it's getting to expensive,you just eat what we give you any you be thank ful

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Didn't read the entire thread yet - but an interesting turn of events, huh?

    Will the new version of the WT [the jdub issue] be included in the CD? That should be interesting to see - but likely it will. So they will only keep it out of our hands for so long. Still, we need a new website somewhere in China or somewhere where scans can be made available for those interesting in seeing them soon after they come out. I hope that happens. Otherwise we will be getting 'new light' when it is getting old already. Lol


  • daniel-p

    Interesting how there's one Truth for the general public, and another Truth for the dubs. I have a feeling Russell will be rolling in his grave with this news.

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