For eleven years from 1995-2006 I was an elder in good standing. After realizing just how bogus all the organization's claims about the world's end are I remained a JW for several years. I did this in part because of family, but also because I was firmly committed to changing the policies of this organization. I admit that this was a bit naïve, but one should remember that WT thrives on the naivety of it's members. I was not at Bethel in case some are wondering that. I have had opportunity to serve on and to chair many JCs. This is another reason why I remained an elder for so long. Namely to show kindness and consideration to those who end up in this procedure. A committee swayed here, someone not df'd there, is just one more person/family that can be spared the unkind treatment often meted out when one is df'd. Further, I felt that good elders are needed who refuse to teach these unloving practices and to advocate for those who are still blinded by this religion. I endeavored in all of my parts, including CA and DC parts, to focus on the Scriptures, mercy, kindness and on love. Any that dealt with prophecy, the organization or blood I avoided. I refused to teach anything that is not Scriptural or violates my conscience. Now I have left completely, I disassociated myself in May 2007.