Name "UNWRITTEN" Rules That JWs Are Supposed To Follow

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  • minimus


    You actually believe that JWs don't have unwritten rules they are expected to follow?? My point of this thread is to easily show how JWs are like Pharisees. You can't see how the elders and Society make rules for people when they should not????

  • JeffT

    In 1973 I was told by two elders not to attend graduate school. It would weaken me spiritually, expose me to bad elements, and take away from service time. Besides we'd be in the new system before I got my degree.

  • PEC

    SeanGuy, welcome to JWD. Did you know that it is Apostasy to be here?

    Thou shalt not own a sports car. Sports cars are of Satan and show a flashy means of living.

    Sports cars, I love my Sports cars.

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    I never carried one for years.I thought that was for old people,dorks, and lawyers.They finally talked me into carrying one.And by-the-way,what are the Elders carrying in these bags that weigh a ton?

    ACTUALLY, they've changed on this one as well. You are more easily recognizeable as a JW if you have a briefcase, so they "strongly recommend" (i.e. another thing they use to find fault in those who do not comply) that you carry a small folder with only a few WT's or brochures or tracts and a small Bible, preferably in your pocket so you can sneak up on householders and trick them into answering the doors. It's for their own good.

  • love2Bworldly

    LovesDubs--some of your posts are really cracking me up! LOL

    Brunnehilde--now be careful with those EVIL Disney movies! They are full of Fairies & Magic. Besides, once one of the Anointed let us know that talking animals on cartoons are demonized because Satan used a snake to speak to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Those evil Disney characters, how could you watch such depraved things of the WORLD? LOL

  • love2Bworldly

    I guess Minimus is demonized too, because we know that M&Ms can't walk & talk! LOL

  • brunnhilde

    SeanGuy, why exactly are you here? I know, since I've been out less than a year, that when I was walking away, the counsel from the GB was very emphatic about avoiding apostates, especially online. I'm pretty damn sure if you were to contact the Society, they'd tell you this site is exactly the kind of thing they're talking about. If you haven't figured it out yet, we're not too fond of the GB and Dubs around here. Most of us are bruised, battered and will never recover from the damage done to us. So unless you are prepared to 1. ignore the counsel from the GB and the organization you seem to hold in such high regard and 2. shut your mouth and listen to what we've been through instead of prejudging and assuming you know better with all your YEARS of "faithful service", there really isn't any reason for you to linger.

  • minimus

    I think we can be a little nicer to SeanGuy. How do you know if it didn't take a lot for him to make his debut? He's only defending something he would die for, at least at this point. Let's not scare the guy away. Let him give his reasons and perhaps we can help him.

  • LovesDubs

    Minimus did you just say that with a straight face? LOL!

  • OnTheWayOut
    It's wrong to associate with weak Christians on a social basis. However, if a wife has an unbelieving husband,
    to "encourage" him to come into the "Truth", it's fine to socialize.

    Make sure you count the time at your gathering if you invite the unbelieving husband.
    You can't count your time on the weak Christian.

    Counting recruiting time is the most important Christian activity.

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