Name "UNWRITTEN" Rules That JWs Are Supposed To Follow

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  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    No. 4 unspoken rules of JWs:

    Don't think or feel.

    Don't question.

    Don't act (on your questions or feelings).

    (Therefore,) Don't Be.

  • AuldSoul

    [*applause to Madame Quixote*]

  • love2Bworldly

    MadameQuixote--WOW! That pretty much hit the nail on the head.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Madame Quixote takes a deep bow . . . and owwwww!!! . . . can't straighten up for the weight of her service bag . . .

    Hilarious:"What's the matter, cult boy? Too cold for street work today?"

    Yeh, I guess it is pretty cold all over the place, even in the carolinas today! I did not even want to walk the dog this a.m.

    I wonder if "cultboy" is counting this in his svc. reports? hmmm. . . not a bad idea. . . here little cult boy, come and help us out of our deluded ideas; we're waiting to hear more . . .

    No, seriously, that's so rude, welcome to the forum and feel free to defend jehovah's witnesses. We all used to do the same thing - me, I outgrew it around 14 or 15, but I was just lucky.

    Really, welcome to the forum!

  • aarque

    An elder once told me that all married sisters should wear girdles. I was a good little dub and didn't say what was on the tip of my tongue: "what's a married man like you doing looking at other women like that?!"

  • Mary
    SeanGuy said: Most Jehovah's Witnesses save for retirement,

    That simply isn't true and I'm sure you already know that. Up until the "generation change" in the November 1995 WT, any Witness that saved for retirement, was viewed as "lacking in faith" or being "weak in the Truth". The reasoning is obvious: If you're saving for retirement, that means you obviously don't believe The End is anywhere in sight, which is the main doctrine of the religion. My father and his peers were specifically told in 1950 not to pay into their company pension plan, because Armageddon would be here long before they retired. He's now been retired for over 10 years.

    I know quite a number of Jehovah's Witneses that are in professional careers...including myself and my family. I have been a baptized witness of Jehovah for over 15 years, I work as a Insurance Claims Adjuster, and attending Law School part time. My mother is a General Practitioner (MD), and my father is not a witness.

    (ya right...) If your mother is an MD, then I can guarantee you that she was not raised in this religion. Going to Medical School and remaining a Witness is virtually impossible. There is no way you can attend 5 meetings a week, go out in Service, do all the things you're supposed to do AND go to Medical School. It's just not feasible.

    One of the main qualities Jehovah's witnesses show is "love for their neighbor".

    The only time Jehovah's Witnesses are encouraged to "love their neighbour" is either by preaching to them, or doing something that might end with the neighbour being converted. Other than that, you and I both know that Witnesses are not supposed to form friendships with our neighbours, without the ulterior motive of trying to "start a study" with them.

    Alot of the "unwritten rules" are not rules at all. It's common sense. If your unsure regarding something you heard about JW...ask one.

    Uh, no, they're "unwritten rules" that go far beyond the scriptures. There is nothing in the bible that says Christians have to attend 5 meetings a week and go out and knock on doors Saturday mornings in order to attain salvation. This is a man made rule of the religion, not "common sense." And by the way, this is an "apostate" website where "independent thinking" is encouraged.

  • minimus

    I know of individuals that were disfellowshipped by their JC and told by the elders that their very presence at the meetings was disturbing to the "friends" and were TOLD they HAD to go to a different Hall. 3 years later after never missing a meeting in the new Hall, they got reinstated by the original JC.

  • moomanchu

    Do not own a hand gun.

    Hand guns are made for killin, they aint no good for nuthin else

    and if you like to drink ole whiskey you might even a shoot yourself.......

    Hope I don't shoot myself !!!!!!!!!!

  • JW_Rogue

    Resurrect an eight year old thread? Sure why not? It is always funny that JWs say that they live by principles and then proceed to turn every principle into various rules. If you don't follow the rules then you are not "spiritual". Okay so here some I noticed:

    -R Rated movies are out even if they simply have some foul language but PG-13 movies are okay even if they are graphically violent.

    -Rap, Metal and Punk Rock are absolutely not be listened to in fact the only safe genre is Jazz.

    -If you go more than 4 weeks between hair cuts people will start looking at you funny.

    -If you're an Elder or MS than you must go out in service on Saturday morning. Even if you go out every other day of the week you still need to be out on Saturday to set an example.

    -If you have time off from work your expected to be out in service.

    -If someone asks what you thought of a talk/convention/assembly you should have many positive things to say about it.

    -You can't be on the stage with slacks and a sport coat it must be a full suit

    -If you're at the hall you shouldn't be talking about sports/work/hobbies because those aren't JW related.

  • Crazyguy
    You must be very stupid, I'm mean really really stupid the dumber the better.

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