Name "UNWRITTEN" Rules That JWs Are Supposed To Follow

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  • minimus

    Christian men are SUPPOSED to "reach out" for greater privileges of service. I a male doesn't, he is scrutinized by the body of elders........Showing up with the field service group is very important, even if it means you do less time in the ministry. (The elders used to have a fit when a publisher would request an individual territory and only work on it by him or herself).

  • Do Not Call
    Do Not Call

    Thou shalt not watch soap operas lest they corrupt thee.
    Thou shalt have no posters of pop stars on thine bedroom walls as this is idolatry.

  • JeffT
    Christian men are SUPPOSED to "reach out" for greater privileges of service. I a male doesn't, he is scrutinized by the body of elders........

    I ran afoul of that one, as I never had any interest in being an elder. I think the whole congregation thought I was a bad witness.

    When I first become a dub it was understood that brothers only wore white shirts. That changed later (I now wonder if somebody was afraid we'd be mistaken for mormons).

  • Rooster

    I use to own a Land Rover. The Circuit Serpent bitched me out because my vehicle had to many bells and whistles.

  • J-ex-W

    A sister should never challenge a brother or tell him he's wrong. If ever she does, she should be very careful to phrase it as a question so as not to offend his male ego. [A sister said this outright when I was a fairly newbie JW in the early/ mid-nineties.]

    This approach, of course, leaves the path wide open for him to NOT take the 'hint' of correction, and the sister must then go along with whatever the brother says or decides based on his conclusions/ assumptions--erroneous, though she knows them to be! She's not allowed to assert her correctness with him in any kind of firm fashion.

    Guys--seriously--how many of you would rather be corrected when you ARE wrong, and don't care so much whether the corrector is male or female?

  • undercover

    The brethren shall wear white shirts only with thy JC Penny suits...colored shirts are of the nations and should be avoided

    Thou shalt not wear colorful ties with thy suits. No cartoon characters or company logos shall appear on thine tie.

    Thou shalt shave every day...facial hair is rebelliousness to thy God...unless thee is female

    Thou shalt not listen to debasing music. Thy local pharisees will determine what is debasing and will lead you away from that what is debasing.

    Thou shalt not own a sports car. Sports cars are of Satan and show a flashy means of living. Even if thy sports car is less in shekels than thy pharisee's SUV, thou shalt not be allowed to have privileges if thou insists on driving it.

    Thou shalt not own a two wheeled motor vehicle. Only spawn from hell ride such iron horses (Hell's Angels...get it?). Brethren want to distance themselves from being associated with Satan's flock.

    Thou shalt not have public gatherings for fellowship or feeding. All public gatherings are provided by the pharisses for instruction and teaching. Thy congregation is not for creating gatherings of fellowship and frivolity.

  • minimus

    Beards are bad if you're trying to be like Jesus or even Charles Taze Russell......You can't ride alone in the same car with the opposite sex. (Brothers should know that weak women might be inclined to want you).



    I was counseled once for sitting in a row of seats by myself.We were told to sit in the middle rows sitting next to someone or near someone.

    I was counseled once for not having a Service bag.I would carry the books in my hand.Two elders told me," We don't carry our books that way."

    I was counseled once for not carrying all the books in my Service bag even if we didn't need them that day.One elder even lifted my Service bag once to see if I was carrying books in my bag.I would carry just the Watchtower Magazine,Bible,and Song Book on Sunday's.

    That is why I call myself RULES & REGULATIONS because that's all they care about.How they look and what they look like to other people.

  • avidbiblereader

    Young brothers should not play contact sports like football as this could prove to be unloving if someone is hurt


  • minimus

    Rules&Regulations, you DO have a fitting name! I was counseled by a fellow elder to not walk so fast from house to house. He taught me the "pioneer shuffle". We coul've been done a street in 20 mins. but it took nearly an hour.

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