Name "UNWRITTEN" Rules That JWs Are Supposed To Follow

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  • Diogenesister

    Lieu20 days ago

    The problem with JWs is that it is an US American religion. One that got stuck in the fabled 1950s television land. A complete life of make believe.

    Couldn't agree more, hence the NO BEARD RULE, VERY UN-AMERICAN NOT UNCHRISTIAN to be specific, very unamerican 50's macarthy no commies here clean cut preppy look. I had a best friend whoose father had one , a liberal intellectual in the early 70's when his teacher wife converted. Clever man, designed aircraft but so clever he knew to keep his marriage happy he would have to convert. So. How to keep the vultures at bay?KEEP THE BEARD. GENIUS. When his beloved wife died a horrible death youngish of lung cancer having given her all to the org he fell apart.

    Love thy neighbour? Never was there a religon that cared less about one's neighbour. In pain? Armaggedons coming. Worried sick? Forget it big A's coming. Child dead? Stop moaning armaggedon comin'. And the worse thing is it made genuine good people feel like they were sinning if they gave time or money to good causes, but gave a pat on the back to the meanies who only flogged their mags.

  • Vidiot

    Honestly, guys; it'd be a lot easier to just list the things that aren't "unwritten rules".

    It'd be a much, much shorter list.

  • punkofnice

    The thing to remember is that the WBT$ laws are 'no to everything apart from giving them money'.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who
    I had an Elder once say to me that my package (or he might have said man bulge) shouldn't be apparent when in front of the Congregation. I still to this day have no flippen idea what he smoking or why he was obsessed with my manly parts.
  • truthseeker100

    Doctor Who

    Your avatar cracks me up.LOL Tell me when the elder said that about your man parts. Did it move?

  • antes8080
    Women should not wear jeans only if your going to the beach, because you can't wear shorts to the beach-Mexico unwritten rules

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