Name "UNWRITTEN" Rules That JWs Are Supposed To Follow

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  • minimus

    As with the scribes and Pharisees, there are a number of unwritten rules that Witnesses are supposed to follow. Here's a couple : "Worldly" kids in Society depictions are shown quite often wearing their baseball caps backwards. Jehovah's Witness youths would not want to imitate that "look". An "exemplary" Witness would make sure that his hair length does not go over his ears. A True Christian woman can modestly wear a long skirt BUT if it has a slit in it that goes no higher than the knee, it is not appropriate.......Can you think of others???

  • fullofdoubtnow

    No beards

    Be careful about what type of films/tv programmes you watch

    Don't listen to "inapprpriate" music

    Don't drive a two - door car

  • megsmomma

    Don't save for retirement

    Don't pursue a career

    Don't go on a vacation that you'd have to miss meetings for

    Don't love anyone who is not a JW

  • needproof

    Don't have a dog - if you are taking the dog for a walk, you could be out on the service instead

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    It is not modest for women to have more than one peircing in their ears Boys shall not spike their hair ,even if short so saith the Service Overseer No matter the wind chill is twenty below and you are wearing a long coat ..a sister is not permitted to wear pants under the coat in feild service . Men should not wear jewelry other than a watch and wedding ring Can you tell I live in the MID-WEST ?

  • I.Wonder

    If a brother gives a "comment" during a Q&A discussion at the meeting(s) and gives the incorrect answer. A sister cannot be called on to give the correct answer as she could very well be considered as "teaching" in the cong. A brother must be called on to give the correct answer or the brother from the platform must answer correctly.

    Don't know if it is an "UNWRITTEN Rule" or not, but it makes me sick none the less.


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    We not only had JW unwritten laws , we also had rules set forth by the local ruling to good to be bad JW family Such as : If you miss Saturday service you can't be invited over to anyone's house that weekend If your child listens to Rock music , our kids can't talk to him Girls that talk to boys at the hall are treated as sluts Your son must never ever give a JW girl a ride home from school if their is no chaperone ,even in bad weather ,even if they are just school friends OH yeah and boys and girls can never be JUST friends....... I could go on and on..............

  • minimus

    It's wrong to associate with weak Christians on a social basis. However, if a wife has an unbelieving husband, to "encourage" him to come into the "Truth", it's fine to socialize.

  • lost_light06

    Brother should never dye their hair, even highlites, it is considered homosexual.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Can't date an unbaptized publisher (even if they have grown up in the org. ) If you do date them and go on to marry them no one will come to the shower / and no Brother will perform the wedding

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