Judicial Committee Audio Recording

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  • truthsetsonefree

    the problem with recordings is that the people who do them have already made their minds up that they are leaving anyway...so they go to have a bit of fun with it..

    the real irony is those that do go to a j.c with a humble heart wanting to be disciplined, re-adjusted, and helped...and yet get treated despicably...these are the ones that don't carry recording equipment because they are not interested in 'winning' debates or making elders look like idiots..they do genuinely want to be-and expect to be-treated fairly and humanely...and are all the more disillussioned when it does not happen

    I know what thats like. I have seen so many cry their hearts out, begging to stay in. But because they didn't utter the right words or have "sinned" repeatedly over a long period there was nothing we could do within the GB's rules. I remember one sister, she wasn't even guilty. She had committed "loose conduct" years ago, had told an elder in the congregation she was in and he had let it go. Then she married a non-JW. I was a newbie elder. The JC chairman wanted this girl out. He couldn't get her on the marriage directly. So he tried her on the old confession. She didn't understand the legalities. She was broken up. She sat there shaking and crying, begging to remain a JW. This after years of inactivity. She still felt connected to the religion. She was df'd. Essentially by ONE elder. I was a newbie, the third was a very elderly brother with a failing memory. The sister appealed. But appeals are based on whether one is repentant at the time of df'ing. Since she had married an "unbeliever" how could she be repentant of the previous "sin." (Mind you, she was a teenager at the time of the first offense.) Result was the df'ing was upheld. To this day I wish I could have done more. But it was a setup from the getgo. Incidentally this was a minority sister setup by a white elder who I know from personal experience is racially prejudiced. tsof

  • sspo
    Most elders are just like we were, they believe they're doing the right thing. Some elders are very troubled by JC meetings and the decisions of DFing.

    How many of us that were elders for decades did and acted the same way. Truly, what choice do they really have?

    Still have many friends in the Borg and many are elders, they still beleive it is God's organization, they all have complains, they all have seen a lot of crap going on but they still beleive it is the truth, most of them are good people and sincere and they will as long as they stay in act and obey the rules as one of JW.

    They are acting according to their conscience and doing what they are told.

    The recording is definetely good for new ones to hear and see that dissension is not tolerated, something we never had when we made the decision to join and get screwed.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Shaolu, and welcome to the forum.

    Thanks for letting us here that recording,very interesting stuff.

    I might have heard something similar if I'd agreed to face a jc myself, I'm glad I missed it!

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Wow Shaolu! I knew it got vicious back there, but whoa! I could hardly believe how you were able to keep yourself so calm in such a hostile environment. They weren't interested in helping you at all. I want to say I'm sorry, but then, I'm glad you're free from the lies too. So, congrats on even having the nerves to go. I feel so sorry for your poor friend who had to see it all. I guess he'll never become a JW now. Maybe you did him the best favor ever!

    The discussion I had here in my own living room with an arrogant elder who loves power and a kid ministerial servant, I wasn't able to control myself so calmly!!! I think the poor kid was scared out of his wits when I read Deut. and talked about what is the use of dispensing old literature that has "old light" teachings in it? Isn't that like feeding people spoiled food? What is the sense? Thanks for the glimpse of the dreaded "back room meeting".

    Kitten Whiskers

  • V
    As JW's we joined of our own free will. We agreed to the rules, of our own free will. Yes, we were duped into a belief system that was limiting, but ultimately we were responsible.

    Winner for the most blundering insensitive comment of the day.

    I was born into the cult and brainwashed from day one. Baptised as a child and never left because my entire family is held hostage.

    Wasanelder Once can meet me outside.

  • diamondblue1974
    Assuming they knew his real views, they still didn't attempt to "readjust" him. It was a very good example of cultish control IMHO.

    Precisely honey; there was no genuine effort to readjust someones thinking at all; its a case of submit to our rule or we shun you and that is no choice at all.

    What I found incredulous is that any question asked of the JC panel was deemed to be confrontational; surely a meeting is where people can voice their opinion and be heard. It was clear from the transcript and the recording that he was there to listen and in response to their questions deliver prescribed answers.

    Winner for the most blundering insensitive comment of the day.



  • Crumpet

    Brilliant! That was fantastic! I am still wetting myself over the bewildered john replying to one of their creepy typical JW analogies,

    "I didnt know I was having a bone set!"


    Congratulations man - well done!

  • Smiles_Smiles

    I just wanted to say WELCOME and THANK YOU for the courage and stomache of steel to do this meeting and recording.

    I understand people who are a bit appalled. I am the biggest live and let live person I know. But when it comes to stuff like this ... I say "U Go Boy!". Yes elders are just doing what they believe and carrying out what they have been told. But so what ... it doesn't mean that what and how they do it should not be openly seen to everyone. What they do and how they carry it out REALLY HURTS PEOPLE TO THE CORE OF THEIR VERY EXISTANCE! Yes it is based on a belief and I honor the right for everyone to make their own decisions regarding beliefs but if you can give them more information to make an informed decision (like through things such as these types of recordings) then more power to you.

    I am not one to condemn or convert but I do try to love. And I can truly see how things like this can help people to not join and maybe even to 2nd think staying in.

    If all involved in this religion heard/saw openly everything that went on in it I am sure there would be significantly less members. There are many who signed up for JWs who still don't know about this way of treating people (not to even mention the born ins).

    Good for you. I hope this has given you a little of your power back. I hope that you can go on with life and live it to the fullest. I wish you well!!!

  • BrentR

    Thanks for the recording!!

    If it was not for thier secret nazi intimidations and shunning there would be no organization, period. Why would anyone stay in for any length of time without the "fear factor"?

  • minimus

    After listening to the recording, I think that the elders really have no right to tell you not to record something. I think a person has the right to witnesses and I believe legally, if they inform the elders that they will in fact have the meeting recorded, the accused is not violating any law against recording conversations without the knowledge of others. ......To me, the elders handled themselves quite well. BUT the whole play was nothing but an exercise in futility on both sides. Arguing over words will never win the JC over, that's for sure. The elders knew the scoop of this individual and were going to DF or get a disassociation letter from him. That seemed very obvious. It is my opinion that once the Society has traceable correspondence regarding the UN issue, they instruct the elders to meet judicially with the promoting person (promoting the Society's involvment with the beast), and give guidelines to DF them or accept that their views are inconsistent with the Organizations, so they will have to be excised.

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