Judicial Committee Audio Recording

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  • sspo

    Thanks for the posting.

    As we well know, typical response from elders.

    You do not have a chance as soon as you question the FDS.

  • jayhawk1

    Brother Russell must be some sort of Prophet in order to know what Jehovah was thinking at that moment. My reply would have been, "Funny, Jesus said he loved even his enemies."

  • stevenyc

    the prayer:

    Joseph: *cough* Jehovah God, we come before you now to give thanks for allowing us to... be part of your organization. To... use the bible and uh... adjust our thinking. And to help our... our members... in doing the same thing. So that... uh... we can all reach the same goal. We ask that you would be with us now to have a... mild spirit. And to be able to... uh... speak freely. I'd like to give this prayer to you now in Jesus Christ's name.

    Says it all.


    PS. welcome to JDW

  • SirNose586

    Very nice recording, Shaolu. This is something that every bible study and return visit should hear.

    And poor John! He gets a firsthand example of the elders' "love" for the flock.

    Welcome to the board; you've certainly earned your stripes, man.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    A sincere welcome to you.

    Ok guys, here's where you will think I'm a turncoat. (I really don't care and I can take the heat, after all we came here for freedom of speech.)

    Shaolu, you say repeteadly to these diehard believers that you are sincere, yet you lied to them about having a recording device. You were playing the same word games with them that you condemn. Is this an end justifies the means sort of approach? No, I do not think they were understanding of, or particularly full of sympathy for, a lost brother. In reality you knew the fact that they had become aware of your new faith due to your expressions to others. They didn't hide who they heard them from. (highly unusual in these kangaroo courts) They didn't avoid telling you to your face who it was who repeated the things they thought they'd heard. These men acted in accord with their heartfelt faith. No, they didn't come to readjust you any more than you came expecting that they could readjust you, that's the truth. I know there is an exhilaration that comes from speaking what we actually believe to those who have supressed our freedom of speech for so long, that's what I heard in your voice.

    Sure, its easy to tape them and post it as if your questions were sincere and they didn't respect that, but the fact is, you were not sincere. You know that NOTHING they said would have caused you to change your belief that Jesus is Jehovah.(remember, I don't care if Jesus is the energizer bunny, no matter to me.) They were being upfront with you and it wasn't popular with you because they didn't want to spar with you.

    I don't understand why some people leaving the "Truth" resort to lies and play such games. Why do they want to rub other peoples noses in how clever they are at "shoving" their new beliefs in the face of these men. I suppose there is some satisfaction in slapping around those who have abused your spirituality for so long, or maybe you were abused as some were. If not, it seems egotistical to post this as if it were some victory over evil and not a simple grandstanding. Nothing new was exposed here. It is another example of misguided faith in action. I think they were rather restrained under the circumstances. I respect the fact that they didn't waste your time, or theirs, by debating subjects that you already have the answer to.

    This is not a support for their beliefs. I say this because life is too short for this kind of bullshit from either side. Just go join another church, or start your own, where you fit in and be grateful you escaped while young. You will both be happier.

    I hope you find peace. I'm sure you have experiences that led to this that will be of benefit to others. Keep posting!

    I don't believe in God's side or Satan's side, there is just a peace of mind and a quiet after the storm that comes from leaving the whole borganization behind. I'm glad you found it.


  • unbeliever

    That was priceless. I lmao when you read part of your DA letter. I see they are gunning for your mom and brother. What creeps they are asking you if they still wanted to be witnesses. I wish more people would record their JC.

  • bernadette


    I found your recording very instructive. I' m fading and the thing that i find with my husband (he's a very company man elder) is that point - God's holy organisation, the faithful and discreet slave and our unswerving loyalty to it. Pouring onself out in total sacrifice to further their cause - its barbaric

    We need reminders like yours because for us faders the judicial committe hearing is an ever present danger.

    thanks for taking the time to do it


  • truthsetsonefree

    "New Guy: And in... within that legal corporation those who have put it together...

    Jonathan: Mhm.

    New Guy: ...are those of the governing body who are part of the one hundred and forty four thousand."

    Uh sorry, no...they resigned from "that legal corporation" in 2000 A.D.

    Jonathan: Okay, so the faithful and discrete slave is the governing body.

    New Guy: One hundred and forty four thousand, those that are left here on the Earth, the governing body is part of that. That is correct.

    Jonathan: So you'd say the governing body then represents... the faithful and discrete slave.

    New Guy: That's true."

    OK, prove this????? Without the circular reasoning? (FDS is 144K which has GB which is part of FDS whiuch is part of 144K....)

    Oh yeah, please don't try to answer the questions. Wouldn't want to sound any more stupid than we already do.

    Why you drones will never find me!!!!

    Watch the CO come around with a policy revision, no recording DEVICES.


  • truthsetsonefree

    Wasanelderonce: To address your concern, with all due respect, I feel that this needs to be done to help those who can never believe that this happens without concrete evidence. I think of people like Lewis Hine who snuck into factories to photograph evidence of child labor. Throughout history, whenever people have fought tyranny and opression they have had to use some tactics that may be considered underhanded to get the evidence out to those who are unable to get it themselves. I think it was Justice Scalia who mentioned that without things like anonymity, free speech could not truly exist. This goes along IMHO with that concept.


  • diamondblue1974
    About a week ago I had my little meeting with "the Bobs" (yuk yuk), and I got the whole thing digitally recorded. It's available online, along with a written transcript here... http://www.ichthusstudios.org/Cults/JW/

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on such a fabulous first post! I am now going to have a listen. Gary

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