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  • Anitar

    Welcome! Excellent job with the recording. I am amazed that not only did you keep your cool in the face of the elders (wolves in sheep's clothing); you brought your friend and cleverly disguised him as a witness, without being a Jehovah Witness! Genius!

    I thought it was particularly strange when the elders asked several times if you were recording this, then asked if you had a second recorder after you gave up the first one!

    I'm not a witness and I'm not too familiar with how the elders work, but I do know a scared bunch of cowards when I see them. You would think representatives of God would be happy to show the world how "loving" they are.

    I just had to comment on some of this:

    Jonathan: Uh... yeah, I have a tape recorder, yeah. Umm...Now, why exactly is that—that I can't record this?

    New Guy: Well it's the policy of the Watchtower Society.

    Jonathan: Okay what's—is there a biblical basis for that?

    New Guy: I don't believe they had recorders back then. *chuckles*

    Yeah, keep laughing moron. You didn't expect him to ask why, did you? What's the matter? Didn't you know that the "policy" of the Watchtower Society is absolutely meaningless to those who are not brainwashed?

    Joseph: *cough* Jehovah God, we come before you now to give thanks for allowing us to... be part of your organization. To... use the bible and uh... adjust our thinking. And to help our... our members... in doing the same thing. So that... uh... we can all reach the same goal. We ask that you would be with us now to have a... mild spirit. And to be able to... uh... speak freely. I'd like to give this prayer to you now in Jesus Christ's name.

    You see what not going to college will do to your grammar? I have the distinct impression of a puppet whose strings are attached to an oligarchial marionette. This "elder's" mal-adjusted, anti-social tendencies are the product of his severely deformed pituituary gland caused by a totalitarian dictatorship with a crude over-simplification of Social Darwinism. And if he, or any other witless elders are reading this, they have no idea what I just said.

    Jonathan: What is the faithful and discrete slave?

    New Guy: See, you're asking the question. And what you want to do is try to convince us of what--

    Jonathan: No, I'm not trying to convince you. I'm asking a question... because, as an elder... I have these questions and it would assist me greatly if you could answer them for me.

    New Guy: The answer that I gave already is [Indecipherable]--the governing body.

    Jonathan: Okay, so the faithful and discrete slave is the governing body.

    New Guy: One hundred and forty four thousand, those that are left here on the Earth, the governing body is part of that. That is correct.

    Jonathan: So you'd say the governing body then represents... the faithful and discrete slave.

    New Guy: That's true.

    Jonathan: Okay, so where's the governing body then in--in the scriptures?

    New Guy: Same place as uh... were here... John and all of them were in Jerusalem. That's where Paul went to visit them...

    Jonathan: Mmhm.

    This is like reading a script of Celebrity Jeopardy from Saturday Night Live. Now all we need is Will Ferrell, a fake mustache, and a plastic blow-up doll of Alex Trebec.

    Russell: Our—our purpose in being here is—is not to debate these things, but to find out... if... whether you agree or disagree with what you've been taught from infancy...

    Jonathan: Well it's—it's not stimulating debate. It's—it's... I find questions with questions, um... it actually allows us to... argue. And argument is where two people—two parties... come to a common conclusion. Umm... and so therefore... I-I can't be sure... You say I've been taught from infancy. But a person isn't sentient until they're three years old. Um...

    New Guy: No, well what we need to do is stop it here.

    Jonathan: Okay.

    New Guy: If—if you do not believe... that the anointed... on the Earth today... are directed by the governing body today...

    Jonathan: Mmhm.

    New Guy: ...then we have no more discussion.

    Sorry Johnathan, but when you said that human beings only become sentient when they reach age three, you were probably assuming that the elders had more intelligence than a three year old.

    Russell: No! I wouldn't look at postings...

    That's ok. It involves critical analysis, independent thought, and cognitive dissonance, not to mention the ability to read, all of which are beyond your puny grasp.

    John: Um... Why can't you answer his questions?

    New Guy: Because we know his thoughts. We know—

    Jonathan: You know my thoughts! You're psychic!

    New Guy: Pardon?

    John: How do you know his thoughts?

    Jonathan: Yeah, how do you know my thoughts?

    John: I was just talking to...

    New Guy: I read your thoughts.

    Jonathan: Oh... okay.

    Ah, a true mind reader. Do me a favor, the next time you talk to Miss Cleo, please tell her I'd like a refund. She told me I would become either a computational fluid dynamics engineer, or a Las Vegas showgirl, and so far, I have misplaced my feather boa. By the way, she asked me for information on local religious fanatics with large pocket books and a penchant for severe superstition. I hope you don't mind, I listed the Kingdom Hall as a reference.

    Russell: Well I—I'm out of words. I only have so many words per day, and I've used 'em up. So have a great evening.

    Careful now, I know it must be hard with all that independent thinking. Sounds like you need to have your puppet strings reattached. In any case, my dear elders, you can congratulate yourselves for the glowing example you have made for God's Organization today, and I'm sure you will rejoice in knowing that you showed the world the real truth about the "truth."


  • mcsemike

    Out of words??? Jesus, what a crock!!! They don't run out at conventions when they are slandering the apostates. Nor do they run out at the door if the HH invites them it.

    Just listen to all the bullshit the elders say during the JC meeting when they are listing your sins. Then when you score a point, they run out of words. Well, I guess it figures. They ran out of brains a century ago. Actually, they never had any. So since the brain runs the mouth, if the brain is goned, it follows that words will stop too.

    We need a good radio/TV show during soap opera time. I bet many would get a kick out of it. The WT loves dramas, there are several on tape and each summer we get to watch men with Brillo beards gesturing in 110 degree heat whild avoiding being dive bombed by birds.

  • Anitar

    Brillo Beards, Ha Ha Ha!

    We need a good radio/TV show during soap opera time. I bet many would get a kick out of it.

    Here's some suggestions:

    Like Rat Poison Through My Mother, So Are The Days of The Watchtower

    Like an Epidural Through an Elder, So are The Days of Our Lives

    No Life To Live

    As The Rest of the World Turns

    Guiding (Old) Light

    All My Disfellowshipped Children

    General (No Organ, Some Organ, Yes Organs, No Blood, Blood Fractions, Some Blood, Monkey Blood) Hospital

    The Old and The Witless

    The Unfaithful and The Indiscreet

    Desperate Braindead-Pretend-My-Husband's-Not-A-Pedophile- Housewives

    Dynasty 2: Divas of The End Times, starring Tori Spelling as Mrs. Charles Taze Russell, Shannon Dougherty as The Chick Who Can't Act, Paris Hilton as The Harlot Who Rides the Beast, and introducing (drum roll please) Judge Rutherford as the Beast!

  • mcsemike

    Good points, Anitar. He wouldn't LOOK at postings, but he was willing to use them as evidence. "New guy" needs a good smash in the face. He's 25 years old if I read that transcript right? You are a wise-ass punk for being so young. I'd like to help you make it into the new system by way of the resurrection. You horse's ass punk.

    This transcript shows that elders are arrogant, power-hungry, uneducated jackasses. Ask them to prove an unprovable doctrine and they call it "debating" and refuse. Jonathan had them dead to rights and they wet their pants mentally because they knew they were wrong. Or maybe that really didn't. THAT would be the ultimate sadness here.

    WT, your day will come, one way or another. Someday the little people, especially your victims, will bring you down and watch you rot in hell. If you ever hurt my family, you're goners.

  • mcsemike

    I read the rest of the transcript. "Logical debate is bad?" Okay, now we know why the WT is the stupidest bunch of people in the world. Mentally ill, psychologically diseased, highest rate of mental illness, arrogance, lack of love, never acting like Jesus acted or taught elders to act, etc.

    I could spend 3 days on this, but it's not worth it. Sorry, Jonathan for the asses who judged you. If it's any consolation, maybe you'll get the chance to watch them die at Armageddon. If men like this are God's choice to be princes in the new system, then God is mentally ill. Sorry to the believers, but I've seen and heard enough. If any of you in Heaven don't like it, do something about it.

  • Shaolu

    In case anyone's interested, the "About Me" section of my thesis might give some context on the meeting. It can be downloaded here --> http://www.freewebs.com/apluspc/jwthesis.pdf

  • justsomedude

    Ok, you just became my hero. You delivered a talk with a beard and talked about the pagan origins of the wedding ring.

    How they even let you near the stage with the facial pubes is beyond me, but you know that for years to come that incident will be discussed quietly when people talk about "strange things" that have happened at the hall.

  • jukief

    I have to address Wasanelder Once's comment about people being aware of what they're getting into when they get baptized (even a 13-year-old child, which is nonsense). My husband once asked his mother--a lifetime JW whose parents were also dubs and who is married to an elder--what she would do if someone she was studying with asked "difficult" questions. Her reply was that she would try to avoid dealing with those questions until after they were baptized. I was a third-generation JW, and my father was an elder. But when I was baptized at age 14, I didn't really have a clue about what was involved and what Nazis the elders were (my father wasn't that type). Of course, I didn't really have much choice but to get baptized. And, being the nice submission female I'd been taught to be, I never would have thought of rebelling back then. Mild control is a difficult thing to fight, especially when you're a child.

  • Justice-One

    Jonathan, your thesis was a briliant piece of critical thinking. Which will be totally lost on these "gas pumpers." The JW's do NOT believe that critical thinking is a good thing. You are to be a good little sheep and do what your told, or ELSE. I think at this point, that most of flock in general no longer believe this is the truth. But as my Mom said once "where else would I go? All my friends are here." And as for the Elders...they are doing a good job cracking that whip like a good Overseer would have done. Think about it...the slave owners did not want their slaves to know how to read and write. And the Society does not want the brothers on the Internet...same thing. Free your mind, and your ass will follow. They know this. But they also know that if you grab man by his privates, it is much easier to control his heart and mind.

  • GetBusyLiving
    I'd like to help you make it into the new system by way of the resurrection. You horse's ass punk.

    I like you're style

    Hi Julie, where has Alan been these days? This place seems eerily quiet without him around..


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