Great news. The WTS did not commit spiritual prostitution with UN.

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  • Quandry

    Mary-this is the crux of the matter. Thirdwitness wishes us all to believe that the WTS was naive and was merely duped into thinking that they needed to sign documents in order to have a library card.

    I was always taught to read the fine print before I signed anything. The WTS always likes to sound authoritative, well researched, well informed. Yet they quickly signed documents without looking at all the ramifications first? In fact, several higher ups signed? No discussion of how this would look? No investigation into the requirements? Just put their name on documents that had the heading of UN at the top?

    Obviously, they never thought anyone would find out. They had become bold in thinking that they were so far above the rank and file that they had carte-blanche to do anything they wanted. Who was there to "check their hand?"

    If this was no big issue, if it is great news that the WTS did not commit spiritual prostitution with the UN, I ask again, why disfellowship people merely for talking about it? Does thirdwitness answer this? No. So obviously it IS A BIG ISSUE TO THE WTS, ONE THAT THEY ARE DESPERATELY TRYING TO PLAY DOWN AND COVER UP!!

    The mere fact that thirdwitness posted a thread with this title shows that in his mind he knows many feel that the WTS is indeed prostituting itself. An organization that does things above board does not draw its actions into question nor need defenders.

  • cabasilas


    For that to happen people either, need to be in the same household, or the same company (not likely that they would have that much free time on their hands considering how much 3d witness posts) The only other possibility is if they both came from, well, something like say, WTBS bethel, which is intriguing possibility but my life has taught me hard way to apply Occam's razor principle in such strange situations . Which brings me back to my original conclusion, unless someone can present concrete proof that would point otherwise.

    We run into this often at Wikpedia when trying to block some IP addresses of people who are just trying to vandalize the pages. If they're using a proxy server (which could just be AOL) all we have is the AOL IP address. For example, see:


    IP address,, is the address of a shared America Online (AOL) web proxy server and may be shared by hundreds of AOL users at any given time ( see AOL ranges).

  • AlanF

    Yet another nail in the lid of the Society's coffin of hypocrisy is the fact that, as of June 2005, they were still participating in the U.N.'s Associated NGO program. Randy Watters posted something about this last spring on the Freeminds website. Here's the link:


  • jayhawk1

    Well that voids Thirdwitness' arguement that they joined before the UN put in the contract that an NGO had to support the UN Charter. Based on Randy's site it looks like they rejoined again. That means they had to sign the document which says the NGO will support the UN Charter.

    Congratulations Watchtower on joining the Harlot, Babylon the Great and riding that beast!

  • sf
    POSSESS the RESOURCES necessary for EFFECTIVE OUTREACH {praytell what precisely "outreach" indicates}

    Embedded FREEMINDS.ORG page for lurkers and seekers leary of clicking links:

  • AuldSoul

    I can't have caucasian. I am a caucasian.

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society can't have NGOs, they ARE an NGO. They are a non-profit corporation that is non-governmental in nature. Technically, even being a non-profit is not a strict requirement, it is just part of the general characteristic of the overwhelming majority of non-governmental organizations who publicly identify themselves as such.

    I doubt anyone would argue that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is a governmental organization, but there are really only two kinds of organizations as it relates to this specific business term, non-governmental organizations and governmental organizations. Although the terminology is a rather recent invention, the WTS has always fit the criteria for a non-governmental organization. Just as they have always been a non-profit organization (NPO) even though that term only came into widespread business use relatively recently. They have always been an NGO. They can't have an NGO, just as they can't have an NPO. They ARE both an NPO and an NGO.


  • jayhawk1

    Not only is the Watchtower an NPO and a NGO, they also have, according to Randy's site, reaffiliated theirselves with the UN. Looks like they will be riding that beast right off into destruction!

    Ride baby ride! Somebody should edit this picture to say, "Watchtower rides the scarlet-colored beast."

  • fullofdoubtnow
    Somebody should edit this picture to say, "Watchtower rides the scarlet-colored beast."

    Hey Jayhawk, here's how the picture should look

    Very appropriate, don't you think?

  • AuldSoul

    They joined the UN/DPI as a non-governmental organization associated with the UN/DPI.

    They registered to speak at the OSCE Conference.

    While I believe that even such voluntary registration is something they would not allow a rank and file JW to do without at least a stern talking to as consequence, involvement to that degree is something they have long lauded themselves for and have never directly claimed was inappropriate in publications. They consider such interactions to be a part of "defending and legally establishing of the good news," which responsibility they take away from the average Christian (to whom Paul was speaking) and assign to the elite Governing Body appointees to that specific task.

    It is still, IMO, hypocrisy. But it is not hypocrisy of the nature accused. They are not still attached or joined to any part of the UN. They did register to speak at an OSCE conference, but that does not make them joined to that organization. A registration is not a membership.

    What they acquired from the UN/DPI was an Associate membership, they did not register with the UN/DPI. What they did with the OSCE was a registration, they did not join the OSCE.

    I hope this clears it up. Any involvement, IMO, violates what they would allow from the rank and file and constitutes hypocrisy. But this falls under tha heading of being careful of accusations for the sake of those looking on. We cannot prove they became part of the OSCE, because they did not.

    To claim that the WTS did become part of the OSCE, or even infer that they did, is to engage in the exact behavior they used against me in labeling me an apostate. I won't stoop to their tactics, the WTS are deceivers who will use any means at their disposal to reach their objectives, and they do not care what is fact. I care about facts. I care about what can be proven versus what amounts to unsubstantiated slander, so they removed me from among them because I am not like them.

    I hope none of you reject me for still caring whether or not accusations can be proven. Facts still matter to me, very much. I am not standing opposed to Randy's viewpoint on this issue just to be a prick. He is factually in error on this point, although I believe it is entirely unintentional.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    You can get the image of the wts riding the wild beast here:

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