Great news. The WTS did not commit spiritual prostitution with UN.

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    Not getting enough attention over at Al's, 3W?

  • thirdwitness

    Just spreading the truth.

  • fullofdoubtnow
    Just spreading the truth.

    Not the truth at all, just the wts's bull$hit version of it.

  • jgnat

    Funny that an apologist would go to this much trouble to justify the Watchtower's behavior. Should the WTS have joined in the first place, with or without a change in membership requirements?

    At the very least, I think the WTBTS owes the rest of Christendom an apology. Their membership requirements were no different than theirs.

    w91 6/1 p. 19 Their Refuge—A Lie!

    The alliance of Christendom’s religions with this world will surely fail to protect them. 20 Christendom rested her hopes in the League of Nations, but it was overturned even without the coming of Armageddon. Now she has transferred her allegiance to the United Nations. But it will soon have to face "the war of the great day of God the Almighty," and it will not survive.

    I also note the site twice had to correct spelling mistakes. This, from a site that purports to "correct" the "errors" from those critical of the WTS joining the UN.

  • Earnest

    I read on the site that Robert King was disfellowshipped for apostasy in 2005. If that is true it is very sad as despite his bizarre ideas he was one of the better protagonists on this board in support of the WTS.


  • truth.ceeker

    It would seem that their is much hypocrisy at the WTBTS. I think this would make a great example between abstaining from blood. Blood is holy, the Beast and Harlot are not. Yet, some try to say, "Oh, it was nothing like that" and pass it off as a mere happenstance. You cannot be sitting on the fence with this issue, either they are with GOD or not. Either they are sitting at GOD's table or not. We all know what the other side is and who rules it. You can't be just a minor member or have what-so-ever affiliation, ties, whatever you want to call it, with the Beast and the Harlot and say it was blown out of proportion. The fact is that the WTBTS and all it's affiliations should have had NO contact, affiliation, membership, WHAT-SO-EVER with the UN. Period. It's that simple.

    However, if we apply the 'New Light' on blood principle to this matter, we can see how some have reasoned within themselves and proceeded to say it was ok since they are involved just a fraction. Just a fraction is a matter of conscience, but we all know what the real answer is according to the WTBTS. Reading the letters on the site made some glaring realizations, all this fuss is about someone having access to the UN's library to gather research material for the WatchTower and Awake magazines. This made me think, "Oh great, my so called spiritual food is coming from Satan's table!"

    It would have been better if the Society, ripped it's outer garments and rub ashes on it's heads and confessed their sins and pleaded for mercy and forgiveness. But Jehovah God has hardened their hearts and their pride is puff up and they will not do so, thus God's judgments are coming to them swiftly.


  • Flash

    2 Corinthians 6: 14~18 and Mark 7: 7~9, 13

    I'm sure your intention is to be loyal to God thirdwitness. Do not deceive yourself and rationalize the Governing Body's gross error into acceptable behavior.

  • tijkmo

    i personally have no doubt that what he said was true..and it was clearly presented..i dont believe that the wt joined the un in order to support it in any way..i think they were there as they said to get information...


    individuals have asked for an explanation and some have received answers albeit with a petted lip about how hurt they are...and the un and the papers that ran the story have also recieved why not the r & f jws..because they are deemed irrelevant..not worthy of an explanation because they shouldnt be questioning (and some have been df-ed for merely asking for an explanation not for making an accusation...skyman who posts here has an intersting account regarding this)

    interesting illustration...Then, 10 years later, the video store turns around and says, “Oh, by the way, although it wasn't on your membership form, and you haven't signed anything to this effect, you have agreed to rent pornographic videos on a regular basis.” Say what? No, that cannot be. No one can turn around and say “you agreed to this, you agreed to that” a decade later — especially since you never signed any form stating such things. Yet this is the exact scenario with the Watchtower Society found itself in with the DPI and their changing requirements.

    so what would you do if you had been misrepresented in this manner then..well i would be telling anyone who was in earshot that i didnt rent never, i did not do this....and if i had easy access to a multi million dollar printing corporation with a huge worldwide circulation then i would find a way to incorporate it into an article or two or three or four or more..unless of course there had been the occasional renting of a porn video which would come to light if i made a big noise about that case i would def keep quiet and hope no-one noticed

    so why dont the wt just explain this...this is why..

    at some point when it became necessary for a card to be obtained it would have to have come to the governing body's notice and they would have had to have given the go-ahead either in writing or verbally to the card holder...if all the decisions of the gb are directed by holy spirit surely jehovah in his wisdom would have not given his blessing, surely he must have seen that this could only possibly backfire and directed his spirit to move the gb against this action...but he didnt...why...cos he doesnt..

    the gb would have to risk a whole lot of people coming to that conclusion if they were ever to print an explanation or apology..(for anything)..far better to ignore it and let those that find out become disillusioned or disgruntled and leave and then everyone can accuse them of being apostate or lacking in humility or using it as an excuse for being immoral cos the wt doesnt want people that are not of their sort anyway..

  • Robdar

    Don't you find it a bit odd that even though the WTS says that it's not guilty of doing anything wrong, it sure dropped it's NGO membership when the word got out?

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