Great news. The WTS did not commit spiritual prostitution with UN.

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  • zagor

    Who are you thridwitness???

  • AlanF

    The reason the Society improperly uses the word "register" to describe its association with the UN/DPI is that it's more benign than "associate". It eliminates the connotations of "associate", which in this case means that the Society had agreed, by virtue of applying for association, to support the U.N. Charter. When you merely "register" for something, it doesn't necessarily imply that you've agreed to anything other than put your name on a list. Since the Society desperately wants JWs not to know of its actual association and its agreement to support the U.N. Charter, having merely "registered" with the U.N. sounds so much better to the dumb sheep. Many people made this observation in 1991 when the scandal broke and the Society started covering its ass.


  • candidlynuts

    why does the watchtower need access to any library.. Jehovah provides the food at the proper time.

    all the arguments 3w makes could perhaps be believed except for the fact that the watchtower did write favorable articles about the UN's activities . so either they are backing off of it being the scarlet colored wild beast or they wrote the articles to fulfill their obligation to the UN as NGO's

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    True some people have had the same IP at different times. It was only yours and ohappydays that overlapped. ISPs have only limited number of addresses so it is not unusual for people to have the same address as someone else at different times. What is unusual is that people have the same address at the same time.
    So here is the run down of people with the same IP as yours and their times of postings
    DaveNwisconsin 30-Jan-06 23:52
    SitillAWitness 05-Mar-06 15:14
    Hubert 07-Mar-06 16:49
    MsMcDucket 20-Feb-06 00:21
    Wednesday 11-Mar-06 07:14
    Boxed elder bugs 11-Mar-06 08:19
    Iforget 17-Feb-06 06:19
    Aroarer 06-Feb-06 20:00
    Cyber-sista 06-Feb-06 13:23

    What is unusual about your IP address is following:
    At 06:55 (09-Sep-06) you've posted rather large post with encrypted IP as i9kW9S9+GnC42Z8D At 07:28 (09-Sep-06) ohappyday posted something with the same address i9kW9S9+GnC42Z8D And shortly after you've posted someting again at 08:38 (09-Sep-06) with address i9kW9S9+GnC42Z8D Which is the same address like today. So, are you using a proxy server or not? Why is that difficult to answer?


    3rd Witness,What does posting my own posts back to me,have anything to do with the question I asked?..Are you totaly retarted?..I asked you to prove nothing,I asked you a question..Can you answer it,or will you simply post my own post back to me?.. You throw all this bullsh*t up as a reply.Not just to me,to everyone!.We all complain about it!..AlanF seems to be a very powerfull person in your world..Why?..Is he a threat to your pea brain?..In our world AlanF is a dedicated member of this board and our friend..He`s no more leader of apostates than you are,Goof!.....Now,can you answer my question,or will you ignore me till I piss you off again?...OUTLAW


    Just one more thing 3rdWitness..I do know what this debate is about..You would like to make it something else..Every time you do I will bring it to your attention..If you have any,LOL!!..By the WBTS own rules:"The WBTS should have had nothing to do with the United Nations"..Lets see you debate that..I still want my question answered...OUTLAW

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    Thirdwitless wrote:

    : Outlaw: Do you have any idea how stupid you look to the rest of us?...

    : Hey, Noah, Do you have any idea how stupid you look to the rest of us?...

    As if this has anything to do with the topic at hand.

    This is a stereotypical JW-defender ploy -- to plop some biblical story/parable/whatever into the mix and hope that the JW readers' committment to the "inerrancy of the Bible" will somehow overcome the basic logic of the question at hand.

    Outlaw's questions were very general, and as such require a general answer -- something that thirdwitless is obviously afraid to deal with. Rather than straightforward answers, such as have been given countless times in this thread and others, thirdwitness merely recirculates most of his material -- as if it had not already been refuted many times.

    : Hey Christian fleeing to the mountains in 70 CE, Do you have any idea how stupid you look to the rest of us?...

    Anyone who falls for this analogy deserves to be mind-fucked.


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    All you can do is throw insults. I'm sure that the lurkers can see the childish mentality of apostates such as yourself which is:

    just throw out childish insults and make false statements, no need to prove anything

    I agree with you.

    Rather than go through the latest posts for Posting Guidelines violations, the threads locked.

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