WT desparate: Aug 15 WT- In Our Next Issue: When A Loved One Leaves Jehovah

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  • restrangled

    I am so angry.....

    The statment....not exact wording....That offspring are obligated to follow what their parents taught them about the truth.......No one is obligated to follow any belief. I can give my sons advice, my opinion, and how I feel but it is up to them to decide what they want to do. They are not obligated to mirror myself.

    You morons sitting up there in New York spewing this stuff out.....you make me sick.

    The picture of someone by themselves headed into a deep dark forest devoid of foilage, who do you think you are kidding? It is a classic scene out of the Hobbit going into the haunted forest. Your art work is lame and your thinking is lame. God forbid anyone be able to think for themselves.

    The picture of the young man walking out the door with his shirt loose, and the parents in utter pain....get real!

    I am pround when my sons walk out the door, ready to take on the world with their own beliefs, ideas and dreams.



  • blumandy

    im sure my Very active jw parents will luv the article. it will give them one more reason to continue egnoring there (me)daughter and 2 grandchildren. ofcourse i knew that the society was against "us", my parents wouldnt know what unconditional love was, even if it came as a huge airplane and fell on them!~mandy

  • tijkmo

    i was also quite surprised by the 'people got upset at moses decisions too' comment

    firstly i have no doubt that the elders who mishandled my judicial committee will be reading this and breathing a sigh of relief....they now have it in writing that they were not to blame and they should stop being so hard on themselves..(not that they were u understand just that now they wont ever be)....and it gives elders the justification to go on making mistakes in the future

    but the really interesting thing with regard to moses was that there were some cases that it was too difficult for moses to render judgement over...so what was he to do in those circumstances...well he was to ask jehovah to directly intervene..and jehovah miraculously gave an answer..i'm sure that there were some mistrakes made and some upset jews when decisions were made with regard to inheritance rights or some other non life threatening decision...but im equally sure that if moses had wrongly had someone stoned to death..then the grieving family would never have had respect for any decision that he made thereafter...although their circumstances may well have dictated that they couldnt go anywhere else.

    judicial commitees that render wrong decisions sentence the victim to a fate worse than death

    and the only reason they are allowed to do so is that no-one will stand up to them ...not even it would appear - jehovah

  • Gadget

    Good points Tij, but aren't you meant to be at a party in Weston Super Mare right now?

  • Gadget

    my dad photocopied it for me, gave it me at the convention sat, there was also loads of things abpout dfing and how even if a family member is dfed the family has to be loyal to jeh really made me mad Edited to add: This was posted by Cordelia not Gadget, we're all at Englishmans bbq and forgot to change the user on the computer! And the rumour the Cordelia is drunk is a complete and utter lie.

  • BizzyBee
    and the only reason they are allowed to do so is that no-one will stand up to them ...not even it would appear - jehovah

    Not if He knows what good for Him.

    I'm sure that sometimes the GB is resentful that they even have to give the Almighty a bit part in the Grand Drama of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • parakeet

    ***I'm sure that sometimes the GB is resentful that they even have to give the Almighty a bit part in the Grand Drama of Jehovah's Witnesses.***
    LOL!! You're right! They've already cut Jesus out of most of their teaching. Jehovah will be the next on the chopping block. Then the gb can concentrate on the real star of their drama -- themselves!

  • IronClaw
    although Jehovah is mentioned in the title... it will be interesting to see how often Jehovah or Jesus is actually mentioned in the article.

    I thought that Jehovah was synonymous with the WTS. Isn't that why in the second question at baptism they are to recognize that they are now part of the Organization. IN the Name of the Father, Son and the ORG.

    The Claw

  • LovesDubs

    Whoa...first read my BS meter was like past REDLINING and out in hyperspace. What a load of pure sh-t! NOWHERE does that article say to go talk to the one leaving...encourage them, be with them LOVE THEM...it very distinctly says STAY AWAY from them so you dont catch what THEY have and take care OF YOURSELF. Go hang with others who are NOT dangerous to your sensibilities. Where did it say to PRAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE LEAVING? NOWHERE PEOPLE>>>>NOOOO WHERE!

    Once again the society says there is NO WAY TO LEAVE! You CANNOT LEAVE! WE OWN YOU! If you dont play by our rules we yank your FAMILY your GOD your LIFE away from you! Do not be misled ....WE OWN YOU you vile piece of cow plop.

    And they say it all so sweeeeetly dont they folks? Like Satan's slippery tongue. You dont even know you have been bludgeoned until you see the blood puddling around you.

    Ugh! Blech! My eeeyyyyeeessss!

    Loves, (from the SO FRICKIN GLAD IM GONE class)

  • freedomlover

    WOW! thanks for posting this.....

    reading that made me feel sick....literally.

    That was so laced with FEAR and GUILT......BARF!

    OHHHH! AHHHHH! I better run back to Jah ....er....organization so I don't get destroyed by the tyranical sadistic egomaniac in the sky......

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