WT desparate: Aug 15 WT- In Our Next Issue: When A Loved One Leaves Jehovah

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  • Sweetp0985

    This might have been mentioned already but all these references to being like Moses and seat of Moses...

    Wasn't Moses like banned from going into the land flowing with milk and honey because he arrogantly forgot to say Jehovah brought water from the rock?

    Wouldn't if be highly ironic if these Moses-like elders are banned from Paradise/heaven because of all these man-made rules they have made that are not of Jehovah?

    just my $.02

  • LovesDubs

    "OHHHH! AHHHHH! I better run back to Jah ....er....organization so I don't get destroyed by the tyranical sadistic egomaniac in the sky......"

    The one in the GRATEFUL DEAD t-shirt

  • Forscher

    Thanks for posting the article!
    Okay, late's take a little look at things. First, the article is written with the assumption that all loyal dubs totally cut off their association with anybody in the family who is not a loyal Dub. Although I don't recall seeing that policy explicitly stated in the literature, it is clearly official policy from the tone of the article (remember, Df'ing was alluded to as one possible reason one is not "serving Jehovah"). So if it was not official before, it is now, those who are not active are now persona non grata, even at family gatherings (aren't you glad we speak the "new language" around here?).
    Next, it is their fault, not the organization's that you are suffering that loss for doing what is expected of you. Does that say CULT to anybody? They just blew their assertion that they are not a cult out of the water with that one. That article would be a good one to keep around to rebute JW apologists with when they sing that little song. Only a cult would expect that kind of an extreme out of loyal followers.
    Finnally, the cure for the sadness is obvious. Keep on shunning those loved ones and do more to fatten our coffers you lazy peons!! Yes folks, the organization is everything. Happiness can only come from spending your last ounce of energy doing everything one can to make life more comfortable for the twelve at the top. And NEVER forget that!!! Ignore everyone and everything which does not lead to that goal.
    All the business about the big A and that is incidental to the message. I think that pretty much covers the article.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Thank You everyone for all your thoughts on it. I was feeling more down than angry after reading it, because there was a bit of me hoping that there'd be some softening on the position. But with the degree to which all these people allow themeselves to be conditioned, allow their own thoughts and feelings to be dictated by the Borg, I can see why the GB tries to demand as much as possible, even testing the limits blood ties.

  • fjtoth
    Wouldn't if be highly ironic if these Moses-like elders are banned from Paradise/heaven because of all these man-made rules they have made that are not of Jehovah?

  • mjarka911

    Why don't they address those that left because they don't beleive the JW doctrines? The article only mentions one who left "to lead a life of immorality".

  • Rabbit
    WTCULT, Page 18, pg. 1 near the middle...
    One Christian Elder recalls the four years during which his wife's daughter cut off association with them.

    Damn...my blood boiled when I read this...I have a daughter I haven't seen or heard from for over 3 years, because of 'unofficial' JW shunning. So, I suppose the WT will blame ME for cutting off association with my daughters !

    Talk about shifting the blame, just like what they say about DA'd JW's now.."...by their actions they have removed themselves from the Cong...." The WT & elders aren't doing it...we 'did it to ourselves'. I guess this goes along with, "Don't blame yourself if someone leaves the Truth."

    My X-wife leads my kids, the WT leads her...I have gran kids now that happily point to the Paradise book. They will probably have early baptisms, so they can start learning to judge & hate at an earlier age than I did.

    The gift that keeps on giving... I had no idea how this "gift" from Jah I received so many years ago would still be "giving" so much pain and heartache. It needs to end.

    I am literally sick reading that article.


  • carla

    What effects to you think the article will have on jw's who have ubc's (unbelieving children/never been jw)? Suppose this will make them try to shove it down preach to them more?

  • Scully

    Considering that propaganda is merely a "spin" put on ideology to make it more palatable, I took some liberties with the original article and came up with a parody that I think is a "rational re-write" of the original.

    When a Loved One Leaves the Watchtower Society - Parody

  • sf

    Um, what's all the fuss about? The WATCHTOWER BOOK PUBLISHING REAL ESTATE EMPIRE is not spirit-directed after all. We all heard this straight from JR Bozo in those tapes.

    Relax everybody!

    {pours drinks for everybody}


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