WT desparate: Aug 15 WT- In Our Next Issue: When A Loved One Leaves Jehovah

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  • Ingenuous

    The bit about parents not blaming themselves just makes it that much harder for reconciliation or for family acknowledging their "lost" relative's point-of-view. My folks have already blamed me for their inexcusable behavior and manufactured motives for me. This is yet more encouragement to blame the person who left the Org for the loyal dub's behavior, continue to ascribe selfish and immoral motives to the one who left, and continue refusing to listen to and hear what their "straying" relative really is saying about their experience and understanding of the situation.

    Yet another propaganda tool to circumvent rational thought in the loyal JW...

  • JT

    excellently written article about those who leave jah and family members who have seen family leave jah

    but i don;t see anything about folks who just leave the org, unless they are saying leaving the org is = to leaving god himself


  • jschwehm
    but i don;t see anything about folks who just leave the org, unless they are saying leaving the org is = to leaving god himself

    The above is exactly what JWs believe.

    I think the JWs are encouraging the parents of these young ones who leave to move further away from their kids who leave. They tell them to get more active in the org as a way to feel better about the situation in the hopes that they will be better able to help their child when they return to the org. My questions is how can this happen if the parents cannot speak to the child under pain of discipline from the congregation as well?

    Also, I love the way in which they make this the fault of the person who leaves the org. It is just the same old stuff.

    I have a feeling my JW Mom will read this if she has not already done so and it will contribute significantly to her continuing belief that she failed as a parent since none of her kids are active JWs now.

    Jeff S.

  • Bstndance

    I find it funny that they mention "christian" and "christianity" a million times yet not one mention of Jesus at all. Not that I'm a Christian but if an organization claims to be Christian they should at least quote him in all of their teachings.

  • toreador

    I cant believe the hypocrisy of the borg. Its no wonder the relatives can continue to shun us when they get this drivel rammed down their throats over and over again.


  • atypical

    This is very upsetting. There are so many inactive ones who love their parents and want them to see the light. Instead, they are reassured by the org that it is ok to cut us off. In my little circle of friends and associates, this is happening to several people. Most of the parents know each other, and thus get to provide each other with bs assurances that they are doing the right thing. Even the parents of my friend who committed suicide have convinced themselves that he turned his back on "Jehovah" by refusing "help" from the elders.

  • jeanniebeanz

    This entire group of people is mentally damaged by years of being spoon-fed this mental rat poison. We are going to have a couple generations of elderly people, huddling together in squalor, their children gone, desperately trying to convince themselves that they are serving a loving god.

    I don't know how their brains do not burst from the strain of trying to reconcile what they know to be right with what they have been forced to believe.


  • looking_glass

    I love the statement by the chick on page 19 that says that she felt like she was not as successful as others in raising her kids because they did not stay in the religion. How about this you headcase, are your kids successful in living a good clean life regardless of their beliefs, you should take pride in that, but no, let's just cry about what are kids are not doing (why change the pattern now, considering when kids grow up in the religion they are told no matter what they do it is not enough and they are not good enough).

    Very rarely do I say this ... but after reading that article ... I really hate the JW religion! All my ill mother needs is an article that supposedly builds her up when I know full well that it will just depress her more. It is a horrible cycle. She is part of a religion that makes her feel emotionally like crap, but she cannot see a shrink to feel better because that will turn her against the WTBTS, so she seeks comfort in the religion that constantly makes her feel like crap. ARRRGGGHHH!

    Well for those of who are in the same circumstance as me, I wish you luck, because I already know what waits for me after my mom does a thorough reading of that "up-building" article.

  • montana96

    Its always implied that the ones who leave are the ones that divide the family!

    My experience proved to me what a cult JW really are. As soon as you question or doubt or leave alltogether,you are on the outer. Your family will pick JW over you every time. My relationship with my parents is strained because I decide I no longer believed it. The tell you thats ok, you can decide your an adult,then the fun begins! No more playing happy families.

    It breaks my heart when I see NORMAL WORDLY FAMILIES, who yes have the same problems as everyone, but can at least accept each other for who they are.

    Its because of articles like this that makes me realise I made the best decision,and guess what: you can actually be happy!

    Cheers Mercedes x

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