Hi All, I have reaserched thoroughly for the past 1 1/2 years before finally starting to get involed here. I have been associated with the JW's since 1969. Baptized in 1974 ( you know a year before the big A ) I guess what really got me going was the fact that I couldn't have a beard and still be used in the congo for any privi's. Once I had the nerve to search, it was all over. That led me to the freeminds website. From there I ordered Ray Franz's books as well as a few others. Read Crisis in 2 days. I have had a hard time since. Anyway after reading about 10 books and booklets about JW's and their doctrines I started surfing the net for more. Through Randy's site I got in touch with this Posting board. I have seen many sides of the WT that I have never seen before, due to the fact that the WT always had a ( Do Not Enter ) sign posted at the beginning of the street. Like any road that one travels on for the first time, not knowing where all the curves are and so on, I took it slow. I've enjoyed and still enjoy the views along the way, seeing this ( new point ) and seeing that ( new point ). Meeting some real nice people as well. ( all of you )!! Where this road will take me I dont know. I didn't take a map with me when I started.