WT desparate: Aug 15 WT- In Our Next Issue: When A Loved One Leaves Jehovah

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  • elliej

    What makes me sick about this article is that my bil will look at it as a message from Jehovah about us leaving. Isn't it amazing how the Watchtower will come out with an article right when you need it? The FDS are really taking care of the Flock!

    To him, it will justify his stand on shunning us. He MUST be right, they printed it in his Bible, oops, I mean the Watchtower. It will never occur to him that they have to print this crap because "loved ones leaving" is such a huge problem. Personally, I cannot wait for the moment I get to explain to him that leaving the organization is not the same as leaving Jehovah like his cult would have him believe. GRRRRR!

  • Pistoff

    "I have only just read this article but, I want to say to any lurkers reading on this site, or any others that are just beginning to fade, that since I left the WTBTS, discretely fading, I have NEVER been so happy and never been so healthy!"

    Agreed; it is very good to be rid of the dissonance, guilt and fear of reading anything that will endanger my belief system.


  • fjtoth

    On page 20 of this Watchtower, the final paragraph states:

    After Israel's deliverance from Egypt, Moses regularly served as judge. (Exodus 18:13-16) Since a judgment in favor of one individual would probably have been against another, it is not hard to imagine that some were disappointed by Moses' decisions. Finding fault with Moses' judgments perhaps contributed to some instances of rebellion against his leadership. However, Jehovah was using Moses to lead His people, and He punished, not Moses, but the rebels and their families who supported them. (Numbers 16:31-35) We can learn from this by striving to respect and cooperate with decisions made by those with theocratic authority today.

    Compare what this Watchtower said with what Jesus said at Matthew 23:1, 2, NWT:

    The scribes and the Pharisees have seated themselves in the seat of Moses.

    As admitted in The Watchtower, the leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses have placed themselves in the seat of Moses! Their decisions are equal to the decisions of Moses. Disappointment with elder decisions is equal to disappointment with Moses. Finding fault with a wrong decision by the elders will bring punishment, not upon the elders, but upon those who see the decision as wrong. Finding fault classifies one as a "rebel" and will bring punishment even upon families that sympathize with those who view the decision as wrong. The "theocratic authority" of those appointed by the Watchtower Society is equal to the theocratic authority of Moses! SUCH A CLAIM IS INDEED EXTREMELY ARROGANT AND PRESUMPTUOUS!

  • fjtoth
  • fjtoth
  • jambon1

    Thanks for posting this.

    Delores meditated on 'the reasonableness of Jehovahs arrangements'.

    • Eh, excuse me, but shunning your own flesh and blood because they disagree with your religion is most definately NOT 'reasonable'.
    • Letting your child bleed to death because of some flawed doctrine is in no way 'reasonable'. (yes it has happened many, many times)
    • Sweeping child abuse under the carpet (because of some bible text) is certainly not 'reasonable'

    It seems that the way JW`s see reasonableness is through WT tinted glasses. Everyone else in the world would not see things this way.

    I am so glad I am out of this ludicrous religion and that my children will never be affected by the crazy JW mindset.

  • fjtoth
  • Scully

    Did anyone notice the footnote at the beginning of the article?

    * Some names have been changed.

    Mark, Louise, Maria, Irene, "One Christian elder", Veronica, Laura, Ken and Eleanor, Delores.... I wonder how many of these are actual experiences of real people, or just fabricated composites for publication?

  • Quandry

    To disagree with the elders is resisting the authority of MOSES!!!! So what if they told your teenage child she was nothing and will burn in the second death!!! Accept this as loving discipline from MOSES!!!!! Maybe the elders make mistakes, but they are like MOSES and every pronouncement from them is to be obeyed!!!!! Obviously when your child did not crawl back to these elders, agreeing that she was nothing more that a piece of garbage, and that she deserved to be destroyed everlastingly, she was resisting MOSES!!!! Do not speak to her!!!! She has obviously not accepting the council of MOSES!!!! If you question the elder's decision, you are questioning MOSES!!!! Now you, her parents, are speaking against MOSES, also!!!!! How dare you!!!!

    Guess I got the point of the magazine article. Isn't that what they want, that we understand the material?

  • fjtoth
    Guess I got the point of the magazine article. Isn't that what they want, that we understand the material?

    Yes, you got the point. But please don't explain it better than the literature. This just might disturb the sensibilities of the brothers and sisters. It might also be that you are making an attempt to step ahead of the organization. BEWARE! You are placing yourself in a dangerous position where you just might be struck by gigantic bolts from out of the blue!

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