Who has Tattoos?

by Good Girl or Bad Girl? 117 Replies latest jw friends

  • OpenFireGlass
    What is it within man that makes us dissatisfied with the way the Lord made each of us?

    Most people are not happy with the way they look so they seek ways that will cause them to feel better about themselves or cause others to accept them.

    kinda like when god wanted all the men/males to cut the skin off their dingers?

  • Mysterious

    God had a weird sense of fashion. He thought cases with scriptures in it strapped to your forehead was a good idea and was always very picky about his fringes! Oh and never mix 2 kinds of cloth, he just hates that.

    I love how tattoos are as diverse as the people who get them, it really accentuates individual differences and is a celebration of who you are not a way to make you feel better about hating yourself. Oh and blessedstar, stars have lots of pagan connotations you know, you should be careful of your username selection.

  • DigitalFokus

    I have 4 but only have a pic of my lastest one. I designed to say my son's name but not have it obvious that its a name.

  • Mysterious

    Wow that design is absolutely amazing. If you don't mind what's the name? I tried to pick it out but couldn't quite make it so I think you're intentions worked out well.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings DF

    All I can say is Ouch!


  • Sparkplug

    Digital Focus- Now that is amazing! I reallly, really like it!

    Do you see me turning green with envy yet?

    Absolutely amazing!

  • merfi

    I got my first one in Feb '04. Yep, DF at the time so felt that it didn't really matter, I sucked spiritually anyway so why not... It's two pawprints by my right hip. My second one was in May '05. Not DF, but not really caring either what people thought of me. It's a wirey cat in my mid back. My pawprints, I sort of designed myself but the cat I got from a flash site. It wasn't 6 months later and Baby Phat perfume came out with yep, that cat as part of its logo. Argh.


  • RubaDub

    Mr Rub if you could get past the pain what would you have tattooed?

    Good girl/bad girl,

    I'm not really sure of what I would want. I personally think a well-placed tatoo looks better on a woman than a man. A heart, butterfly, etc.

    On me, I find the barbed-wire thing around the arm interesting but then, in a few years I would probably get tired of it.

    My wife's tatoo looks so cool. I wish I could show it to you!!!

    Rub a Dub

  • bem

    BlessedStar sucks being you with a nickname that can be shortened to B.S as in BU*L SH*T, Whether we are personally happy with what we were born with makes no difference, if we have the money and the will to make cosmetic changes get Tattoo's or piercings. The beauty of it is we are free to make those choices all on our own and without being told what we can and cannot do by a controlling group,cult,husband,wife etc. Ahhhh the freedom of making choices for myself.

    As for the thread topic I got my tattoo's when I turned forty,I thought about it a while so I knew what I wanted before I went to the artist, Absolutely do not regret it six years later and they still look good I just want to get color added to the feathers on my ankle bracelet, I always wore ankle bracelets so I figured I might as well get a tatt of one I really liked.Then I have a heart,,, well it's right next to my heart I have pics just need to get the uploaded to jwd.

    Dorothy who wanted a tattoo since she was eight years old and her brother came home from the navy with some.

  • snarf

    I got my first tat in june 2005, its a little cat on my left shoulder blade. I got my second tat in september 2005 a big colorful dragon going down my left shoulder blade. I did my first one just cause I was told my whole life not to and I saw that tat in a shop in 1997, and loved it then, so that was the first one. The second one was cause I LOVE dragons, they are so cool.

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