My name is Mike Warren...([email protected]) That's my real age in my profile...and yes that's my real pic. Though I was never baptized, I was raised in the silly religion... my parents started their study in early 1974 (at least i got 1 birthday and 1 christmas, not that i remember...) Mom was baptized in less than a year after she started her study... It took my father about 7-8 more years to give up smoking, but he still made all the meetings & ruled with a leather belt. I also have a younger sister that has faded (she got baptized). She's funny... she'll talk all kinds-a-crap about how she doesen't like the JW lifestyle, but thinks i'm over the edge for surfing "apostate" websites.(i've been lurking for about 3-5 years). Anyway, I attended The Essex (baltimore) Maryland cong. till I was about 14 years old, Then we move to Winchester Virginia for a couple years where we attended the Winchester cong. before moving back to Baltimore... I was kicked out of my house just before I turned 17 after our return to Baltimore; which pretty much brought me to my full senses about something not being right... Now I reside in Eureka California