I'm back!!!!

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  • Check_Your_Premises

    Hey Richie! Welcome back and congratulations on your little trophy. Oh the scandal that will erupt when they finally catch on to all your activities. Your hall will just never be the same.

    Hey Crumpet! Love the new picture. But then again I love all of them. Hope things are well. Glad to see you around.


  • rebel8

    Good work Richie!

    I'm confused about the announcement of reproof thing. The margin notes say "no announcement of restrictions made" as per KM 11/05. Doesn't that just mean they don't say what the restrictions are? I don't take that to mean they don't announce the reproof itself, but the owner of the book does seem to interpret it that way. Thoughts, anyone??

    It says reproof of child molesters is announced though, "to protect". hmmmm I'm glad they're improving their policies, but obviously this falls waaaaay short of providing any sort of protection. If I'm understanding correctly, the only reproofs announced are those of child molesters now......so they are expecting the cong to extrapolate that any reproof announced is a molestation and to take precautions. Yet they never told the cong this new rule, so they are relying on the grapevine to inform the JWs that announced reproofs are only done for molesters. Do I have that right?

    This reminds me of the hemophiliac factor BS......they said in the literature factors were not allowed, then privately called hemophiliacs and told them factors were ok......but obviously hemophiliacs were dying because most of them weren't called.

  • undercover
    "If the brother who was a child molester is used as a servant, the record is destroyed"

    Maybe someone is on this, but is there a way that this information could be gotten to the attorneys who post here from time to time in regards to the molestation cases?

    This could be "big news" for lawyers who have cases going on right now.

  • inbyathread

    IMO this is not going to be any "Big News" Sorry

    The society will claim that the written material is just that. Written. Without context of the meeting the written will be looked upon as hearsay.

    I think you would have to be THE elder who wrote the note. Telling the court WHO the instructor was that had you write that in your book. AND the 'instructor' would have to testify that he in fact did tell you to write that in the book and provide personal notations as to where the order to have the updates came from.

    These pages are good for US. This allows us to ask the elders questions that make them swallow first. If they answer incorrectly, we can tell them that it was information given to elders either at a KM School or at a meeting with the CO. Then we can watch them swallow again before they runoff and tell Mama.

  • blondie
    The margin notes say "no announcement of restrictions made" as per KM 11/05. Doesn't that just mean they don't say what the restrictions are? I don't take that to mean they don't announce the reproof itself, but the owner of the book does seem to interpret it that way. Thoughts, anyone??

    rebel8, they haven't announced the specific restrictions for some time...just that the person was "on restrictions." But I guess even that isn't said any more.


  • TheListener

    A note of clarification, it wasn't the 11/05 KM (or Kingdom Ministry) but the 11/05 Kingdom Ministry School (KMS). That is the periodic refresher course for ministerial servants and elders. The last KMS was held during Oct/Nov of last year. A poster here did an excellent job of posting his notes here (can't remember posters name). Since it was at a KMS and not in a KM there is no written record other than what's in the handwritten portion of the book to back up the statements.

  • Woofer

    This has been a real "eye opening" for me.

    Parts of this made me want to cry . .seeing their reasoning on how they handled my molester. He was my brother-in-law and a MS at the time. His priviledges in the hall were revoked.

    My sister (not his wife) told me recently that he was up for MS again but because I was underage at the time of the molestation, that he couldn't be appointed again. But notes made from The Flock book states that if he were to be appointed again that his molestation record should be destroyed.

    Now I am wondering if what my sister told me is true.

  • Billygoat

    I am worried. Richie, look down the long length of this path...what happens if you get kicked out of the house and DFed? Seriously look at your situation. Do you have a back up plan that could go into effect tomorrow if need be? I'm asking because your face being here is GOING to do that. Not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN. And if you aren't prepared for it, it will cause you a lot of misery. I don't say it to be bitchy at you. But I was suddenly kicked out of my parents home at 19 and it was harder than hell to get onto my feet again. I'm just saying to please be prepared for consequences by a group of people that do NOT play fair. ((((((Richie)))))))

    Lots of people keep mentioning the fact that yoru pic is on here and you could get busted but I think you know that for you to be busted for being here then they'd need at least 2 witnesses to the fact and those two witnesses would be DFed for being here anyway - so you have a safety net.


    You must surely know by now that with the JWs, these are not rules they play with. They've DFed people on gossip of something someone else said. They don't play by the rules. There is NO safety net! Not fussing at you personally, but sometimes we expect these IRrational people to play rationally. They don't.


  • unclebruce

    Good on you Ritche,

    success favours the brave.

    best wishes, unclebruce.

  • MissBehave

    Richie, you are a star!

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