I'm back!!!!

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    Welcome back Richie, good to see you.

    Gambling eh? Good for you, you won!!!!

  • looking_glass

    It isn't that the guy was meticulous, it is something they bring up in the school because the Society has been sued in the past over people getting DF'd. There is a lot of CYA going on. Granted the Society can afford to ship their attorneys around the world to defend their beliefs, but the problem is that since Witnesses are not encouraged to go on to higher education, your chances of a real witness being a lawyer is pretty rare. They Society probably cringes at the high legal costs to any outside firm they have to get to defend them. It is cheaper to have in-house counsel rather then having to go outside and pay someone who will not completely understand your position.

    What I found so disturbing is the reference to if someone use to be a molester and is no longer one how they can be used in the cong. COME ON! Someone who is a molester does not change their ways. It is a sickness that is burning inside the pervert forever! You are going to put people in the cong in harm's way because you want to believe that the putting on the fruitage of the spirit will change a child molester for life

  • RichieRich

    I admit when I'm wrong.

    I just couldn't contain myself, taking that book. I've haven't felt the same ever since I first got it. Today, I got rid of it. I just couldn't stand to know that it was all in my hands.

    So now, its on its way to Sunny California!! Wish I could've fit in that box!

    Dear Brooklyn,


    You're name ain't the return address on there!!!

    See you guys soon!

    Love, Richie.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    So now, its on its way to Sunny California!!

    uhhhh, I hate to tell you this, but we're going to be cloud/rainy for the next few days.

  • luna2

    Richie, did you take that pic at the KH...and is that a boar's head on the wall behind you? How very apropros. LOL

  • MinisterAmos

    Not giving legal advice you understand, but just think how absurd it would be for your LE to pursue you for removing an item that is essentially without monetary value.

    If you are a minor I'm sure you have already figured out one way to use theocratic warfare against the bastards. Claim a little man-on-boy luvvin' with the PO and I bet they give you the keys to the Hall.

  • RichieRich


    Thats a UPS receipt. I don't have the book any more. The local body of elders can press charges if they want, but they ain't getting that book back. And yes, that is a boar. Just so you don't forget- I'm hardcore.

    I can't say that this will be their demise. But I hope it starts the ball rolling...

  • MinisterAmos

    You did good. I already used the page with the handwritten notes in my personal anti-Dub campaign. Rest assured that your efforts will result in fewer hostages to the WTBS.

    They don't even let me in the library at my Hall much less the records room.

  • Snoozy

    I think it's too late for the WTBTS to sue. I don't think they want the publicity now. Too many copies going around.

    I have a question...

    Unit 5 (a) where the paragraph starts out "Victims of sexual abuse.."

    Are they talking about the victims in the side notes when they say "there is no need to discuss this with others and No group therapy is necessary?" Also on the bottom right about no bad thoughts and turn to Jehovah?..I can't read all of it.Can someone quote the notes for me from the bottom?

    I can't make it out.



  • oldflame


    Great job snatching up that info. I think this will come in handy for some people I know

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