Raised a dub from birth . . actually a 3rd generation dub. My mom reminded me time and time again how her grandparents where part of the "anointed" (yeah whatever) Was molested by my ministerial servant brother-in-law for about 2 years. He then turned his sights on my sister and started molesting her. I was too afraid to speak up so I never did. She spoke up years later (after being in and out of mental institutions) and told the elders what he did. He denied it and we were told to shut our mouths and not discuss it with anyone. My sister told him that he had to confess or else she was taking the matter to the police. . I guess at that time he had his memory "restored" and then admitted to what he did. Before he confessed I wanted out of the house and out of that congregation so that I would never had to look at him again. I married (at 19) the first JW boy who came along. Ended up having one child and then I left him. I've been disfellowshipped for about 10 years now. I refused to attend the judicial hearings that were scheduled so they proceeded without me. That was fine by me. Married a guy who was 10 years my senior. Wanted someone who would "take care of me". We had a daughter. He ended up being a control freak and I decided I couldn't stay in that kind of relationship either. At first in the relationship I think I didn't mind being controlled because that I all I knew . . from being raised in the borg. Finally now I have my head on straight and I am getting married in a few months to a WONDERFUL man. I feel for the first time in my life I am able to live!!