I'm back!!!!

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  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Richie Luv shouldn't you mask your face? I think you should wear a black Lone Ranger mask.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    REPENT !!! (or at least, give us the 'goods').

  • Mastodon

    Whoop Whoop. Big Red is back baby! We sure missed you. And congrats on a job well done. Also, I'm happy to know you're a photoshop freak like me. Aparently there's quite a few here. I'm in my 10th year of working in Graphic Design (damn I'm getting old).
    Good to have you back!

  • Nosferatu


    You might wanna use a photo like this for your "auxillary pioneering". Replace the fock book with a Watchtower, photocopy a bunch, and throw 'em in people's mailboxes. Each mailbox counts as a WT placement!

  • Odrade

    heyya! lmao. petty larceny? tsk tsk. Can't wait to see the margin notes. hehe.

  • kid-A

    Well done Richie!

    This is classic, the same thing happened to me many years ago. I always hid out in the "library" of the king-dumb hall and one time some dopey elder left his KEYS

    in their 'secret' filing cabinet! Oh man I had a field day!!! Going through all the DF files, secret notes, files, books, etc. It was the ultimate watchtower education experience!!

    Please share as many "scanned" pages with us as you can, sound like you found a goldmine. Besides, it aint' stealing, remember, it all belongs to jehoobie, and as

    a member of the congregation, you have as much right to it as anyone else!! LOL

  • Elsewhere
    Today, thursday, is the big day for "telephone witnessing". While every other day of the week there are an average of 4 people out, Thrusdays are always packed out with at least 15 people sitting around a giant folding table, gabbing at each other. It's pretty nice actually. No one is home, so all you do is leave a message, and pass the phone. In the extremely off chance that some answers the phone, they're usually old, or unemployed, and always already belong to a church.

    So, is the "telephone witnessing" done like this to ensure that no one lies about how much time to put in? (Everyone watching everyone else)

    Also, I noticed that there can be as many as 15 people taking turns using just one phone. That has got to be the most inefficient cold-call operation I have *ever* heard of!

    Basically they all watch each other to ensure they don't lie about recording the amount of time they spend being as ineffective as possible.

    Thoughts of an elder a few weeks from now: That's odd, I could have sworn there were THREE books here before.

  • daystar

    Although I don't support theft of any sort... awesome!!!

  • RichieRich



    And from the Flock book, silentlambs, take note.


    (I promise I havent been drinking)


    Hey, look! As of november 05, there is no more public reproof. Glad I was one of the last to enjoy the priviledge!

  • SickofLies

    Execellent! Is it possible to get this into a PDF format anyone?? I would love to print a few of these off and have a few people disfellowshiped!

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