Why don't Dub families have pets?

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  • Jeffro

    Don't start with your "effen" rubbish with me. If it was just people having a chat, there shouldn't have been the reaction there was to R6Laser just because he disagreed with you and others.

    There's no need for your childish "chill pill" prattle just because someone takes you to task on your uncivil behaviour.

  • wombat


  • anewme

    I think we all know now that the JW experience differs from congregation to congregation depending alot on the prevailing attitudes of the elders in charge. It is really true that certain strong personalities can influence a circuit very much and over many years.

    Its true that those who had alot of animals were considered weaker and unsoldierlike for Jehovah.
    Really strong theocratic-going to Bethel-or missionary work types kept their lives free of entanglements.

    Im sure fewer had alot of pets way back when there were the 8 day assemblies in Ohio or New York!!!

    But the times have changed and thank God!

    At least today's witness can have a little paradise and happiness at home now.

  • RubaDub

    Maybe it's just that the talking snake, talking ass, unclean and hated bird, and other references in the Bible freak people out about getting a pet.

    Rub a Dub

  • diamondblue1974

    To be honest I think its a bit extreme to think that most JWs dont have pets, although on the flip side there were and no doubt are those extreme zealots that decide not to have pet because of their having to fulfil the theocratic autocratic obligations of the corporation.

    I remember an old elder and his wife had a Dachshund (sausage dog); and although being a great lover of animals it used to p*ss me off royally that they carried it everywhere with them....it has four legs...let it carry itself!!!! Plus it was a spoiled yappy little thing which would not have lasted five minutes in our house...

    The daft thing is that they had a sign on their front door saying....Beware guard dog inside....any burgular wouldve dropped kicked it to kingdom come....I came pretty close some days


  • unclebruce

    mmm let's see ... unc grabs sheet of printer paper..chews end of pencil .. avatars here so far include one big polar bear. one friendly frog, one tired wombat, one scarey rat, two dancing mice, one college girl, a smurf, an apostakitty in a box, a tall penguin, an apostapussy, not to mention a doc of veterinary science...wow I'm posting with animal experts.

  • RubaDub

    If I had the book study in our home, I think it would be cool to have one of those little dogs that wants to hump your leg when it sees someone.

    Rub a Dub

  • gumby

    The problem here seems to be that some are too quick to make broad statements about the witnesses based on isolated cases.

    My first reaction was anger at this threads title. I was raised a witness, my family goes 5 generations deep in the witnesses.......and nearly every witness I knew had pets. Those that didn't were usually some self rightous pioneers who felt cleaning out kitty shit from a litter box was to damn distracting from Jehovahs work......and THESE TYPES were far and few .

    My question is......why start a thread on something that is NOT the norm for witnesses in general.....especially whe you KNOW many witneeses do indded have pets. Nearly every single poster who has commented has disagreed with this threads title and realises witnesses do indded have pets.

    I for one don't like to start false shit on the dubs. They have PLENTY of authentic problems to discuss without resorting to some dipshit oddball family who was different, then claim all witneeses are the same way.


  • stillAwitness

    I always wanted a pet but was told to worry about that in "the new system"

    But not having a pet amongst the DUBS I knew was more a cultural thing then a religious thing

  • MinisterAmos

    My0 darn bird is helping me type right now.

    After reviewing the old posts of some of the more negative posters, I have noticed that they donĀ“t bash the Org, they just bash other posters.

    Might as well be wearing a white shirt and convention tags if you ask me, but know this dearies, the Org does not take kindly you visiting Apostate sites.

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