Why don't Dub families have pets?

by MinisterAmos 110 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Stephanus

    Hey Unc - Great pics from The Aunty Jack Show. Great nostalgic stuff! Funnily, I was just thinking about Aunty Jack today - did you know that the first series is now available on DVD?

    Back on topic: When I was more interested in chewing the fat with Dubs, and before the 'net made them more insular and sensitive to debate, I noticed that every Dub in my area were dog people rather than cat people. I put it down to the pack mentality of Dubdom being more sympathetic to the social norms of Dogdom, than to the independent spirit manifested by cats.

    As time went by I came across more Dubs that had cats, but they never seemed interested in MY cats. Which seemed strange to me, because whenever I go to someone's house where a cat is foolish enough to show his whiskers, he's in for a damn good patting. Is being nice to an opposer's pets the same as bad association in Dubland?

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