Why don't Dub families have pets?

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  • Frog

    I think perhaps this is a fair assumption to make. No doubt there are plenty of dubs who do own pet, but there would be many who chose not to for the sake of their committments to corporate, and also because of their pessimistic view of this world, and of animals who have not prospect of an earthly inheritance blah blah...imo, the best things pets do for us is to teach us the reality of life and death. Since dubs believe adimately that this life is just for the short-term & that death is just one horrible mistake, it would seem an unnatural thing to bond with a pet & accept that it's short life has great meaning...does that make any sense??...oh well, it does to me :)) frog x

  • R6Laser

    (Yawn)... When I was growing up my neighbors didn't have any dogs, now I can't stop but think that they must've been part of some demonic cult that didn't allow them to have dogs. I always felt like an outcast when I was in my backyard playing with my dog. I would notice my dogless neighbors peer thru their windows making snide remarks because I was the only one in the block with a dog. I sit and wonder here to this day and can't get it out of my mind, that's why I need all your help and I thank for the originial poster creator who's full of wisdom for creating this thread. Now I have a little insight of why my neighbors didn't have any dogs while I was growing up. Now I can finally sleep at night.

  • wombat

    Laser....I am really sorry for my rudeness towards you. I am sure that if we met we would enjoy each other's company. I just get a bit defensive toward fellow posters here if someone is abrupt with them. This really is a great bunch - each with their own personalities. Hang around..As someone said yesterday, this site gets quite addictive.

    Frog...I agree. My daughter (a tree-hugger) is afraid to have babies because she is concerned with the future of the planet...global warming etc. I think that you have pointed this thread in the right direction.

    Unfortunately the WTS makes it's followers live for the future rather than live in the moment. That's a mistake we can all make, WT adherents or not.

  • Frog

    Hi Laser, you're a funny fellow, & you gave me a laugh :))...I fully understand that for many this would seem an extreme sort of conclusion, however, having lived in a number of circuits I have to say I've noticed these trends. Anyway, it's no major thing, but a point of interest none the less :) x

  • Beep,Beep

    ""I think it might be that the Org has inculcated in them such a profound distrust of pretty much everything that there is no room in their hearts to love and care for an animal.""

    What a load of CRAP!!! Nearly every Witness family I knew while growing up had at least one pet. Most had dogs, several had more than one cat.

    Even now those that I know have pets, from dogs to snakes.

    Is this just another way to bash people?

  • wombat

    Beep....Don't get upset...Having gone through this whole thread I reckon it just gets back to circumstances...Like where you live. How much space you have...

    But some folk get despondant about the future and don't want to get too attached to something that they will love...And you don't have to be a JW to be that way.

    JWs are like the rest of us. Some have pets and some don't.

    But it is good fun chatting here.

  • wombat

    Laser.....My apologies..This really is a stupid thread. I shall make an effort to get a life as you suggested.

  • wombat

    Hey Beep...

    Happy Birthday darling....

    Do you want to chat about it? Are you going to have a party?

    I love celebrating ex-JWs birthdays...They have missed out on so much for so long for such a stupid reason. Or really, for no reason.

    Anyway a big Happy Birthday hug from Wombat in Australia

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Excuse me for having an opinion, but I don't think this is a stupid thread .

    And if you do that is fine , but why do you waste your time reading through and posting ?
    Move along to something more suitable for you.

    There seems to be enough other posters that Enjoyed speaking to each other.

  • moshe

    Jw's have had many bad experiences with dogs out in service. I remember a little terrier mix dog once darted out an open door bit me on the leg and just a quickly went back into the householder's home. I told the elderly lady "your dog just bit me" She said- 'What dog?" and closed the dooor smiling at me. It's no wonder that JW's might not feel like having a dog for a pet.

    JW's have lots of reasons/excuses to not have pets- more so than the general public, I believe.

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