Why don't Dub families have pets?

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  • MinisterAmos

    I certainly hope that this is something peculiar to the area. The PO of the cong has four DFed adult children who were denied contact with his wife as she was dying of cancer.

    The sisters took their place caring for her and taking care of the PO as well with a food and cleaning schedule.

    Out of six elders and MSs in the congo there are a total of zero pets now, but one DID have a goldfish as he was growing up and tears up a tad when he speaks about his fishy.

    Just really strange folks I think.

  • Jeffro

    People sometimes like to find correlation where there really is none. Though there might be a small number of Witnesses who hold to whimsical notions about not having pets, being a JW is not a strong determining factor in whether or not a person has a pet.

    By and large in this case, to quote Déjà Vu by Australian band Something For Kate, it's a case of "looking for patterns... and the world just happens."

  • Thirdson

    Where I grew up I don't remember many JWs having pets and very few elders had any pets. In contrast we always had cats and growing up I remember 2 dogs as well...along with a tortoise, rabbits, guinea pigs, parakeets, hamsters and rats (at various times). I think my mother had a duck at one time but that may have been before she became a JW and certainly before I was born.

    I do recall one circuit serpent servant overseer having a real issue with pets. He hated that some treated their pets like little children. He went as far as to say that the Bible says nothing about cats (incorrectly as the Bible mentions big cats) and that dogs are always mentioned in a negative way. The time caring for pets takes away from field service, meeting attendance and assemblies and blah, blah, blah. And in the new system (tm) we'd have all the time in the world for pets. I guess a lot agreed.

    I didn't have any pets for a long time as I liked to be able to travel away from home and not have to worry about getting pets looked after.

    We have a cat now.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I would say that in the 22 years I was in the only JWs who had pets were those who were considered weak. They missed most meetings and rarely went to DC

    We never had pets because of a couple of reasons.

    1. Who would we get to take care of them when we were away at DC? Everyone we knew was also going.
    2. We had had the book study in our home. We were "encouraged" to remember that some JWs had allergies and we should be considerate of their needs.
    3. Since my husband was an elder we were "encouraged" to invite people over for a meal. And of course the allergy issue came up again. Or people's fear of dogs.
    4. And then there is always the issue of people eke out an existence to pay the bills so they could do all the "required" work who would have the time or money to afford a pet.

    We did have a fish tank for a long time. And once I left the JWs we had gerbils and later cats.

  • calico
    I caught a piggy while out in service. It got loose and I was afraid it would get run over so I saved him

    Awwwww---you are sweet to save a little pig--they are so cute! Oink!

  • R6Laser

    I have to congratulate MinisterAmos on creating what has to be one if not the most silly and dumbest thread I have seen here in the last couple of days. This thread just let me knows a couple of things: 1) you don't know a lot of people, or 2) you don'te get out much.

    But that wasn't the stuppidest thing I read, that has to go to Lady Lee's post stating that only weak JWs had pets. I mean how much deep can you dig to make your own agenda. Seriously some of you need to move on with your lives and stop being so bitter about everything. At first I joined this forum to see what others who left the JWs are doing, but now I just stay here for the comic relief.

    - Guess what most of the JWs by my area didn't own skateboards that must mean that the elders prohibited them and chastized anyone who had one....

    - No wait there were some JWs who didn't drink orange juice with their breakfast there must be something wrong with that....


  • wombat

    Here we all are sitting around having a friendly chat about nothing of particular importance..just chatting to each other...and into the room bursts some bloke called Laser who starts abusing everyone.

    What a pain in the butt. All of 29 years old and rudely throwing his weight around like that. I wonder if he is/was a MS?

    Shut the door quietly on the way out idiot.

  • DelTheFunkyHomosapien

    Laser take a chill pill sunshine.

    Back on topic. In my experience Dubs have pets like any other section of society. But i have seen a persons dogs locked a fair way from the house when the elders came to visit. Didn't ask why?

  • R6Laser

    "What a pain in the butt. All of 29 years old and rudely throwing his weight around like that. I wonder if he is/was a MS? Shut the door quietly on the way out idiot." Making assumptions are we? Like this whole thread is just an assumption by a bunch of people who don't get out much. How about this one? I remember one time I went into a house and they didn't have a tv because it was the devil. LOL!!!! You guys are funny. And wombat I won't need to shut no door on my way out, because I wouldn't be in presence with someone like you. Calling me and idiot because I'm making an observation. Same thing everyone else here is doing on this stupid topic, you just don't like it when it comes back to you.

  • wombat

    (Yawn).....I had a little golden cocker spaniel called Candy. Candy died on the same day as my daughter was born. She went to heaven to make a little space on earth here for my baby..........

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