Why don't Dub families have pets?

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Most of the JW's I know have pets .We live in a rural area lots of room for dogs to run so it's common .

  • Honesty
    Honesty :
    Especially after the ex got upset at me one day and took my pet Shih-Tzu and had her euthanized because I was being "rebellious" against Jehovah's Organization.
    Oh My God ! He didn't !!! What did you do? That's horrible, so mean, so heartless...

    She sure did. I told my attorney about it when I filed for a divorce against her 3 months later and he said that is the most evil thing he had ever heard one person do to another. It helped open my eyes to what the instruction from the Watchtower Society does to people. She has been inculcated with Watchtower Truthâ„¢ from birth. A third generation witness with all her North American relatives in the LIE.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I'm sorry Honesty ....I can't imagine a wife being so cruel to her mate

  • serendipity

    We almost always had pets while growing up, when we lived in a house. I don't think there's any counsel against having pets.

    ((( HOnesty ))) Your ex-wife is a troubled woman.

  • moshe

    You know, after thinking about this, I can remember only a few families who were pet-oriented. We always had a dog, later in Florida when the children were young, we had lots of pets , dogs, cats ,chickens, ducks, goats. I remember inviting some Witness neighbors over to see the new puppies our poodle mix dog had the day before. I put the mother dog outside and took one puppy and a sharp knife- I docked it's tail and put a kleenex on the tip of the tail to stop the bleeding. I handed the puppy to the sister, next one to her husband, one for my wife and I took the last one. That brother and sister were not happy that I tricked them into helping me dock those puppies tails.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    My dog has a docked tail .I'm sooooo glad I did not have to see it be done !

  • blondie

    I don't know where you live but I don't think you have visited enough congregations and known enough JWs.

    Just thinking of one congregation



    Service Overseer--2 cats

    TMS School overseer--2 dogs

    WTS overseer--1 cat

    Regular pioneers--6 cats, 3 dogs

    MS--4 cats, 2 dogs

    2nd congregation


    Secretary--2 dogs

    Service overseer--2 cats, 1 dog

    TMS overseer--dog

    WT overseer--3 cats

    Blondie (past pet owner)

  • anewme

    No one told me.

    I collected every pet that came my way. I got a head start on the New System I guess.
    But really my heart has always been in the country so I had my little country in the city with my elder husband. It was fun for us to have our pets join us for the Book Study at our house. Those with allergies were excused from meeting at our house. After the Book Study or Saturday Field Service meeting we would bring out the new puppies or kittens or baby chicks or doves or a parrot. It drew the children to us which I loved.

    There were moments of happiness in the 35 years.

    Especially when the little chihuahua would "clean himself reeeeeeal good" (and loudly) during the bookstudy underneath my husbands chair! (Oh boy did all the single sisters get an education from him!)

  • Berean

    Don't know what you are really trying to get at. Almost every family I knew in the congregation had pets, usually more than one. Not just the one I was in, but, every congregation nearby.

    All dearly loved their pets and took good care of them.

    There is no love lost between me and the current JW's. However, I don't think there is some abnormal thing going on about pets and JW's.

    If your area did seem to have something "abmormal", it was probably a local thing.

    Berean (4 cats and 1 dog, had all when I was a JW - better friends than the "Witnesses" were)

  • TresHappy

    The majority of JW's I knew had pets. I knew several pioneer sisters who didn't have kids but had dogs in their place.

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