Why don't Dub families have pets?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    But that wasn't the stuppidest thing I read, that has to go to Lady Lee's post stating that only weak JWs had pets. I mean how much deep can you dig to make your own agenda. Seriously some of you need to move on with your lives and stop being so bitter about everything. At first I joined this forum to see what others who left the JWs are doing, but now I just stay here for the comic relief.

    Well if you read what I said, my comment stated this was MY experience in MY congregation. My husband was one of the elders. My comments are not based on an agenda but rather on my experience. My comment had nothing to do with being bitter. What happened is what happened.

    In our congregation people were encouraged to NOT have pets, especially ones that needed daily care such as birds, dogs and cats.

    I have always wondered whether this was one of those congregation decisions or was it a WTS policy. And what posters have stated is that it depended much more on the local level rather than from coming from the top.

    Comparing notes with people from other cong/countries allows us to let go of one more chain that was imposed on us. If we don't talk about these things they won't ever get resolved so we can "move on with your lives."

  • kenneth


    I find you people very sick on this blog, Is it the case that your minds have been blinded .

    When i was a witness, i had 22 pets, well show dogs realy all German Shepherds.

    And no it wasnt for financial gain,

    You remember the time when Jesus thew out all the hypocrits and vagabonds from the temple,Well all i am saying is,Like JESUS would: Be Carefull.

    A friend.

  • Beep,Beep

    ""My first reaction was anger at this threads title.""

    That was my reaction too. While some may choose not to have pets for WHATEVER reason, most of the Witnesses I grew up around did in fact have pets.

    The only ones I can remeber not having a pet were a pioneer couple who didn't have room in the small apaprtment they lived in.

  • MinisterAmos

    Wow this thread really seems to have struck a nerve with the lurking Dubs don't you think? I have found that when dealing with Dubs, that when there is smoke there is fire. In this case the ones who are coming out on this thread realize that there is more truth in the simple title statement than in 20 years worth of 5 meetings a week.

    I'll re-state my point. Among the congregation "leaders" (I've been in two) I am familiar with only one has pets.

    Of the approx. 2 dozen Dub houses that I've been in, only two of those families have pets, one an "inside" dog and one an "outside" dog.

    I've never seen a Dub mistreat an animal, rather all seem to have a friendly curiosity about them.

  • ballistic
    Wow this thread really seems to have struck a nerve with the lurking Dubs don't you think?

    It's their "pet" subject.

  • unclebruce

    My family were very "strong in the truthâ„¢" We couldn't abide by weaker ones with "pets".

    All our animals were theocraticallyâ„¢ trained and served a practical service. Scamp and Lassie (the transfusion accepting apostadog) were there to round up the chooks and ducks. Tigersocks was there to keep satans mice away and our cocky was there to warn us in case the mormons came peddling Joseph Smith up the driveway.


  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    And the WINNNNNNAAAA of the JWD Campest Pet Name goes to : TIGERSOCKS!


    I bet you looked really butch out in the garden shouting out "TIGERSOCKS, TIGERSOCKS where are you?"


  • greendawn

    JW pet ownership may be a regional situation when I was a dub many ppl at the KH had pets and some had quite a few but I don't know why in some places they don't want to have them.

  • unclebruce

    Laughs on you Doc - All animals were named by my five sisters

  • ballistic
    Laughs on you Doc - All animals were named by my five sisters

    Adam named all the animals, not the sisters!

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