I've got $500 on Taylor Hicks to win American Idol ( 10 to 1 odds ) : )

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  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    I can't believe Mandessa is going home.....


    Star...I'm sorry!!! But I've been trying to tell everyone who is going to win! I am from NC and we have the best talent in the country here! (Not trying to rub it in or anything...) But NC does still have 3 contestants in the running....


  • lisaBObeesa
    I was with you on taylor, till last night!!!!!!! He stunk big time!

    Taylor shall win you back, you wait and see!

  • a Christian
    a Christian

    Idol DialIdol Score Margin Of Error Actual Rank
    1 Taylor Hicks 37.333 1.72 -
    2 Katharine McPhee 28.589 1.836 -
    3 Kellie Pickler 28.135 1.842 -
    4 Chris Daughtry 26.915 1.857 -
    5 Ace Young 23.787 1.897 -
    6 Bucky Covington 23.113 1.905 -
    7 Paris Bennett 19.035 1.955 -
    8 Elliott Yamin 14.184 2.013 -
    9 Mandisa 13.177 2.025 -
    Margin of error: Per Idol; not scientific.

    Here are DialIdol's stats from Tues. night. They were dead on this week in their predictions of the bottom three based on the frequency of contestants' busy signals. So I'm sure they were also right about Taylor being the top vote getter this week, as he has been every week dispite being stuck with a lousy song.. Taylor is not a country singer. "Country Roads" was not his song choice. He obviously would have preferred singing something else. But his fan base is so large and supportive that he could have sung "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and still been the top vote getter. Just wait til they let him do his thing. He will blow everyone away! And as contestants start being voted off he will get more of their votes than Chris, Kelly, or Katherine will.

  • Spectre

    I was hoping that Taylor would have at least been in the bottom three after that lousy perfomance.

    Katherine all the way(because she's hot).

  • Oroborus21

    This is terrible politically incorrect but thank god that cow is gone. She has a lot of talent but it was terrifying to watch her bounce around the stage. I was fearful the set might collapse.

    Hopefully Taylor Hicks will win but I am always rooting for the babes, Pickler and Kat.

    They all have future careers at this point, beyond whatever promotion they are locked into.

    What is up with Kenny Rogers? My god, when I saw him yesterday he was unrecognizable. He has had so much plastic surgery his skin was tighter than a snare drum and from the top mustache up he is totally freakish looking now. Somebody needs to get to him before he becomes the Michael Jackson of country music.

  • Beachbender

    OMG! I said the same thing to my husband the other night that Kenny R. was unrecognizable, tis` a shame cause he wasn`t a bad looking guy for many years!

    I`m totally shocked that Mandisa was sent home before Bucky! or Ace! I mean irregardless of her size the woman can sing!!! Of course America is all about your looks when it comes to the female gender, America had no problem voting for Ruben Studdard a few years ago. I agree I think Taylor`s gonna win this just on popular votes, IMO I don`t think he`s the best singer but people are voting for him, go figure. I have been disappointed in this show this year all together it`s been very boring all around.

  • lilybird

    I was sorry to see Mandisa get the boot..I always enjoyed her performances. Ace and Bucky are always boring for me.. but I guess they must have a big fan base.. somewhere.....After all.. as Simon always says.."America votes for their favorites so it must be right"

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I could not believe how Kenny Rogers looked - a bit too much Botox I think. Botox is supposed to freeze the facial muscles so that might explain the limited expression on his face. I kept looking at him and covering parts of his face to see if he was really in there. The voice was there but if the sound was off there is no way I would have recognized him.

    I saw a picture of him not too long ago and he looked bad, deep lines in his face, certainly not a good looking guy anymore. So this new face was a shocker.

    I understand the show wants to see how people perform along a wider spectrum than what they are used to but the categories really suck when people are forced into a category that really doesn't work for them. That being said there is such a wide range in each category that you think they could find at least one song that really worked for them.

  • wednesday

    Man, AI is really stinking up the airwaves this year.

    Taylor-what can anyone say-John Denver probably rolled over in his grave when he heard that. Taylor looked "who gives a shite?"I guess he is right, Dialidol still has him number one despite his terrible job

    Bucky-don't want to sound cruel, but this is a contest, doopey looking country bumpkin guy who should never have made it to the contest to begin with, he sings off key and well, I won't go on, but mercifully they will send him home soon. I recall jasmine Triaz, and that little rocker from couple seasons ago and john stevens (the red headed crooner), they stayed way beyond their talent, b/c of the fan base. those kids are serious voters.

    .mandisa, well, I never really liked her anyhow, I hate being preached to, and that is what her music was about. I hope she has a long career singing for the Lord. She was just too goody two shoes. This is not PC, but I'm tired of female church singers who think they can win b/c they can scream louder than anyone else. Praise the Lord.

    Ace didn't do too bad this week. For what it is worth, I do not think he is cute anymore. Kelly is ok, but won't win b/c we had a country singer last year. Kat is very pretty and sings good, and really does have the potential for AI but up against Taylor, don't see it.

    Chris was great, he did well with a country song. Now that is a hot guy. It was nice to hear him do something besides the hard rock. He is Taylor's only real competion.

    Paris is only there b/c Paula and Randy know her grandmother who is a singer. Paris is not that good yet, but may be . She has potential.

    Elliot, is a really sweet person, and could have a career, but I don't think he'll win ,his song selection has not been that good as of yet. but he sure is a nice person.

    I have been watching dialidol.com since last week.they predicted kat in the bottom and as you see with a christian post, correctly predicted the bottom this time too. They are the place to watch for results.

    Kenny Rogers. wow, I would not have known that was him if they hadnt told us . he looked bizzare. He was a really good looking man too.

    To me, the only real talent on the stage is Chris or Taylor or maybe Kat.

    now this week they are doing Queen.

    They should be stinking up the stage big time b/c Queen is really hard to do. Remmber Constanie Mourlis from last year? now he did it well. Bet not even Chris can do that. Only one person can do "crazy little thing called love" and that's the easiest Queen song . Wonder who will snag it.?

    this week will take ace, bucky, paris, kellie, and elliot out. Can you see any one of them doing Queen? the thought of Bucky doing it makes me laugh . really picturre it. Queen, bucky,. lol

    I love AI, it is so much fun getting to be music critic . I love the DB's, man people get hot about their opinions on who will win (mocking). " l love bucky, he is so sweet and talented" really you see that on the DB lol

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