I've got $500 on Taylor Hicks to win American Idol ( 10 to 1 odds ) : )

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  • Outaservice

    Just for the sake of being different, I'll say he does not make it, although I do like him.

    How you doing 'a christian'?


  • WildHorses

    I was just listening to his sound clips and notice that Taylor sounds a little like Bob Seger(sp)


    I think it's going to come down to: Chris or Kelly.... Swalker

  • a Christian
    a Christian

    Hi Dan, How've you been ? I hope you and the Mrs. are doing well. I heard you got out of the furniture business. ( Heard a going out of business ad on the radio. ) Does that mean you are retired now? Lucky guy! Hey, maybe I can do the same if I put every buck I have on Taylor to win! I doubt my wife would like that though. She's a real worrier. I tell her this bet is a sure thing. Now if I can only convince myself. : ) Mike

  • Sunspot
    They think he's got some kind of medical condition.

    Hey....it worked for Joe Cocker!

    My faves are Chris and Mandisa...with a soft spot for Kellie!

  • Kaput
    Hey....it worked for Joe Cocker!

    Joe Cocker's an ORIGINAL.

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    I like Katherine McPhee, but I don't think she'll win. I think Chris Daughtry is the fave at the mo' but I can't think of anything america needs less than an MOR rockband reject doing covers of NIN & Nirvana songs.

    I was surprised that Gideon got voted off too. I thought he had a lot of talent.. but then I think his over self-confidence put people off a bit.

    I'll be happy if Kelly Pickler wins cos she seems like a sweet kid.

  • kid-A

    Taylor Hicks (a.k.a. Captain Kangaroo) as the next american idol? I dont think so!! Yes, he has a pretty good voice, but you have to remember, it is the WHOLE package that is considered here.

    The fact is, Mr. Hicks looks about 55 years old, is overweight, has multiple chins and bizarre spasmodic epileptic fits while he is singing.....its just not gonna happen! Not when he is up against some young guy like "Ace" who looks like a model and will get the votes of every girl in the USA between the ages of 12-25 (which is the largest voting block on the show). But in all honesty, collectively, the girls are much stronger and I think it will be one of the female contestants that will win this year.

    Tayloy Hicks: the love child of Capt. Kangaroo???

  • Kaput
    Tayloy Hicks: the love child of Capt. Kangaroo???

    ....and Mr. Greenjeans, for the "hick" affectations. Takes 2 to tango, ya know!

  • LDH

    I love Taylor, I agree, but the best singer is the guy who is hearing impaired?!? Can't remember his name. He has a beard and really bad teeth. Unfortunately, I think those teeth will loose it for him. Americans are amazingly addicted to perfect teeth.

    Ugly + good teeth trumps Average + bad teeth. .

    And that Kevin kid has no business being there, and I can not believe he got more votes than Sway, who was very soulful and sexy.

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