I've got $500 on Taylor Hicks to win American Idol ( 10 to 1 odds ) : )

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  • a Christian
    a Christian

    Since I started this thread I have added several more bets on Taylor to win. ( Somebody stop me! ) Right now I have about $1,250.00 bet ( I mean "invested" ) on Taylor to win. If he wins (I mean "when he wins" ) I will win a little over $10,000.

    He will win. Won't he? If he doesn't I'm gonna join Gamblers Anonymous. : (

  • candidlynuts

    i went to http://www.rickey.org/blog/american_idol_5/taylor_hicks/

    and clicked on this weeks blog.. you can listen to the MP3 of this week...

    over at the right is all the other contestants...

    i listened to ALL of the mp3s.. based on SOUND and not visual performance..

    taylor and chris are far and above better than the others..

    i think it'll come down to those two. katherine is a close 3rd.

  • bebu

    Not surprised that Kelly is gone.

    I like all the singers, and they all have nice personalities imo. One thing that is interesting is that Paris never seems to be anxious, even when she is in the bottom group (which is a lot). She always looks so sweet and unperturbed. I don't think she'll win, but she sure has the ability to handle pressure.


  • lilybird

    I thought Kat was brilliant. and I was happy Simon apoligized to her for telling her she didn't sing well.. I still like Taylor Hicks the best.. I hope he goes all the way..second Kat and third Elliot who has an amazing voice but is underreated as he doesn't have personality like Taylor or Kat..

  • skeeter1

    At this point they are all good. How would I rank them?

    #1) Kat

    #2) Chris (almost tied to Kat)

    #3) Paris

    #4) Elliot

    #5) Taylor

    I am missing Pickler already. Her "Walking after midnight' was a great night for her. I culd see Kelly not only as a singer, but as a spokesperson - like for Travel TV. Kelly reminds me of Samantha Brown in front of the TV. She is a cute, sweet, and bubbly gal - the type that has broad appeal to all.


  • kid-A

    Right now I have about $1,250.00 bet

    Are you nuts??? I mean honestly, it seems clear as day that either Catherine, Chris or Elliot is going to take this now. Dude, quit betting and cut your losses now!!! And I say this out of genuine concern for this little 'habit' you are developing ! LOL

  • lisaBObeesa

    I can just about smell a Christain's winnings now....That $5000 is as good as his. DialIdol.com has Chris in last place tonight! That is a shocker! Still, I think it is Kat going home tomorrow night. Taylor sang fantastic again. I just wanted to mention that...and do my weekly little shout-out to all the exJW Soul Patrol! Jailhouse rock was great and he sang it his style, but true to the original. And In The Ghetto was fantastic. I need tickets to the May 23 dress rehearsal. Anybody hook me up??? Please?? There must be someone around here with connections... Oh, and I have to mention Elliott. His 'Trouble' was FANTASTIC. Great job with the blues. Very nice.

  • wednesday

    dialidl does have chris as last but i have followed dial idol over last4 weeks. in almot every week, the person who was listed as dead last did not actually go home it was the person right above them. I believe currently kat and chris are neck in neck for who is last. so i guess we wait it out and pesonally I hope it is kat, . not that she as so bad(she is really cute) but i just want Chris to win. he does have a smoldering male apeal and he sings great.

  • TheListener

    Oh man. Good show last night. Elliott's voice vibrates too much for me. Is that called vibrato? Anyway I like him but not always his singing voice. It felt like Cat phoned her performance in. I didn't see the emotion that she has had in the past.

    Taylor was great. Sounds fantastic and has a good time performing.

    Chris was good on his first song but I didn't care for his last song. But, he is really good. They all are.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    CONGRATULATIONS to a Christian for his winning $5,000 by betting on Taylor Hicks!

    I would not have taken the risk that you did, but to the winner go the spoils - enjoy your profits!

    Will you be donating much of it to the Watchtower? SOUL PATROL! (NN spazzes out and lies twitching on the floor)

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