I am an ex-JW going on almost 30 years now. I was disfellowshiped beacuse of a teenage pregnancy. Left home and never looked back. Have wandered most of my adult life searching for who I`m suppose to be ( if that makes any sense). Lost my Father about 10 years ago to illness, never got to say goodbye. I have been married for 18 years to a wonderful Christian man that my Father did get to meet briefly. Have a beautiful 13 year old son that I am very proud of. The clincher to my story is my parents ( devout JW`s) took my child that I had as a teenager and raised him as their own. This was all done through lies and deceit on their side. They legally adopted my son and did this all behind my back. They thought they were doing the best thing for me at the time, I`ve been told later in life.. My emotional baggage that I carried through most of my twenties into my thirties,.. why wasn`t I helped by other means?? You know suggestions from grown adults to get financial aid for me and my son..... help paying rent,food stamps whatever else I could have claimed at the time. NO!! my parents answer was to just take the child from me! And I thought being a parent was all about teaching not getting even. There, so you know a little about me!