I've got $500 on Taylor Hicks to win American Idol ( 10 to 1 odds ) : )

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  • a Christian
    a Christian


    We have a lot in common. But only one of us is smart of enough to have put a big bet on Taylor to win. : )

    He's gonna run away with this thing I tell ya.


  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    I think that little Paris is a bombshell. What about the bald guy? And Katherine..looks like CatherineZeta Jones..and sings great..so I'm not thinking.. Taylor really. We'll see..? lol

  • a Christian
    a Christian

    Dial Idol showed that Taylor's line has been far busier than anyone else's.

    I do not believe Mellisa got the lowest number of votes. Dial Idol said her line was busy twice as often as Lisa's. Kevin, Ace, and Lisa were all under Melissa. But the show's producers wanted to toss Mellisa because they thought she deserved to go (especially after forgetting her song lyrics) and they thought keeping the three others below her in votes would be better for the show's ratings.

    That's why Simon spoke very well of Mellisa after her botched performance. He figured, "Why not be nice to her? This was her last performance." Simon is one of the show's creators and producers. He knew they had already decided to send her home if she was anywhere near the bottom.

    They wanted to keep Ace. (His good looks attract female viewers.) And they wanted to keep Lisa a little while longer anyway. (She is more talented than Mellissa.) They even preferred Kevin over Mellisa. (His continued survival adds controversy which increases ratings.) Mellisa added nothing much to the show. So they decided to cheat her and lie to America, saying she had the lowest number of votes when she did not.

    They then had to shut down Dial Idol so they can continue to pull this kind of crap with no one being the wiser.

  • wednesday

    There is so much controversy about the voting, it keeps us all watching. I voted during the Clay/Reuben battle, and voted for Bo last year. I always put in at least one vote now, but I don't sit on the phone line hitting redial like the younger fans do. I like the show, but not enough to spend 2 hours punching redial. I used to hang out on the DB at their site, but the fans fight viciously and it is often a free for all . Lots of claims as always of racial discrimanation, which bores me to death. It seems to me they go out of their way to make the show racially diverse. I found the site by the MC from the first season(I believe it is american idol go home). He has a fun site where you can pick the winner and win something. He has a a blog where he makes very interesting comments about the show. The smoking gun.com has lots of stuff about the contestants, just go there and type in AI in their search engine.

    Another show that also is fun to watch is "Trading Spouses". LDH put up the clip about Margaret a week or so ago , man that woman was scary. Even my husband can't stop watching that show. It is like a train wreck, scary but you can't look away.

    We (hubby and I ) were rabid fans of "Lost" when it first came out, but they have "lost" us. I simply can't follow the show anymore. I loved the start, but it has gotten too confusing, to watch. We also love "House'. It really is the hottest new show on tv. Another really good how is "Medium". I love watching Partica Arequatte (sp )solve those crimes, it is very interesitng. We sort of like "Bones", I believe it has potential, but seems a lot like "House".

    so, A christian, where would a person go to bet on the show?

  • a Christian
    a Christian

    Wed, you asked: where would a person go to bet on the show? Here are a couple places. http://www.pinnaclesports.com/default.asp http://www.bodog.com/sports-betting/tv-film-movie-props.jsp Remember, all things in moderation. Except betting on Taylor to win A I . That's not gambling. That's a sure thing. : )

  • wednesday

    thanks for the link.

    what happen to all the 'lost' fans? we used to have fun discussions (and theories) about that show. it has "lost' me and hubby but I wondered if others were still watching it?

  • Spectre

    Just 'cause she's hot....I'm hoping Katherine wins.

  • Sweetp0985

    I hope Taylor wins...I actually only watch the show to see him perform and then all the others are just a bonus....I PRAY HE DOESN'T DYE HIS HAIR....I personally think that's a part of his originality. He shouldn't change it.

    I like alot of the others but Taylor gets my vote...Although I didn't vote last week...I will be voting this week...I just like how he's really into performing and it seems like it really doesn't matter if he wins or not because he just loves performing anyways...

    So lets go Taylor fans....whoohoooo

  • a Christian
    a Christian




    The final two, awaiting America's decision. Will we prefer gray hair or no hair?

    After America's decision has been announced, Taylor's expression reveals the outcome of this contest.
    America prefers the Silver Fox over the Bald Eagle.

  • lisaBObeesa

    I just wanted to let you Taylor fans know that if you go to graycharles dot com this guy has a bunch of mp3's that he put up of Taylor Hicks in concert. (It sounds like he was singing in a bar.)

    I downloaded the entire Taylor Hicks concert and it is GREAT. I mean smokin. I enjoyed every minute of it. His band is amazing and together they rock the house. The recording is so-so, but it doens't matter!

    It is in the graycharles dot com March 15th blog. The songs are out of order, but there is a message further down on the page with the set list. When you listen to them in order, you get the whole concert.

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