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  • belbab

    Thanks for sharing your story with us alamb.

    I am going to do my best to try and find out whether perjury can be a civil matter.

    If someone uses lies to seize children and subject them to 18 years of oppressive slavery, there must be some legal recourse somewhere.

    Take care, there are thousands with you, as well as heaven itself.


  • alamb

    CHILDREN'S RIGHTS COME FIRST. A child has a right to two loving parents. The UN put forth a statement regarding Children's Rights. I wonder if the WT supports that as an NGO?


    It is also common for the cult-member parent to use the manipulative techniques employed by the group to turn the child against the non-cult parent, and even to exacerbate long-standing conflicts between the spouses.

    THE LAW: While one has the absolute right to believe whatever one wants, one does not necessarily enjoy the same liberty with respect to putting such beliefs into action. ( i.e. perjury to reach a desired decision by the court )

    From an article on the same site, "They know their perjury committing and cult doctrine delusional executives on the witness stand are just not credible and far more damaging to their own case than any evidence they are trying to dispute from the other side."

    Religion/Cults are not above the law. Perjury is tantamount to obstruction of justice. period. Justice is based on people telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Not Theocratic Warfare.

  • rebel8

    I am speechless after reading more details....truly sickening!

    "My own parents had testified before this and my mother stated in court "my good man (to the judge mind you) my daughter was molested by my husband but she was old enough, she was over 12." The Judge saw the sickness for what it was and asked for a recess because he was going to be ill. My father also signed an affidavit saying I was incapable of being a parent due to being molested!!!

    The only thing that comes to mind is....it must feel like being raped all over again to endure this bs now.

    If you can, consider making these documents available to the many ex-jw webmasters who can post them on their (our) sites, names can be blacked out if necessary.....or I'm guessing Silent Lambs might want to do that....these court documents are priceless proof of the secret horrors going on in the org. Ppl join up thinking they know all there is to know about the org, and never dream stuff like this goes on. Cults are secretive until it's too late.

    You are to be commended for your courage.

  • IronClaw
    I have looked for help for years but there is little that can be done. An Alienation of Affection suit could be filed when the last one reaches 18 and after they are gone forever.

    I would be interested in pursuing charges but I'm not sure perjury is a civil issue. Anyone?

    Alamb, I have been following this thread every since you posted that you had this video. My heart bleeds for you. As far as the perjury charges, I don't know the answer. We have some real knowledgeable people here, so I can only hope some of them will see this and have an answer for you. Hang in there. You are not alone as you can plainly see.

  • alamb

    Thank you everyone. I'm sorry if I go off on this...it's my soft spot. I have seen my children emotionally kidnapped and spiritually raped. I appreciate all your help. And thank you to everyone for your kindness. Thank you Iron Claw, Belbab, Rebel8, Ballistic, and everyone. And a note to Essy, who helped me through this in the beginning, "I think of you every day."

    There is more where this came from.

    There is also a case taking place today. Please hold that mom in your hearts.

    And remember all of us every time you kiss your kids goodnite; squeeze a little harder.

  • AuldSoul


    My gut says the difficulty in pursuing perjury through civil court would be in proving damages for which the courts can provide relief as a result of the perjury. I'm not saying there is no possibility of doing that, but it seems to me that would be the sticky part of pursuing a civil claim. I can't readily think of any way to pursue it, but I will ask around.


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i would have melted this elder . into a piece of lying shit . in 5 minutes. with me only , doing about one weeks research. slam dunk. but nice tape

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!

    I just watched watched that video and that guy is Jim Johnson, a close friend of my parents since they were kids!!!!!! I've known that guy since I was a toddler. Wierd to see him lie like that. I always thought he was such a nice guy. As far as I know, he is still an Elder in the Murray, Utah Congregation. I should ask my Grandma what Good Ol' Jimmy Johnson is up to these days. Would anyone like a progress report??? My Granny loves to dish the dirt.


  • MerryMagdalene

    Has anybody asked stillconcerned? I know her law practice is limited to sexual molestation litigation, but she might have an idea where you could go from here with this...

    ((((((((((alamb)))))))))) I'm in tears for you and your children, and holding you in my heart.


  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I had the wrong Cong. Jim Johnson is currently PO of the Sugarhouse Cong in SLC, Utah. I was in the Granite Park Cong. We shared the same KH. This guy was always really nice to me when I was growing up. I had the hots for his daughter. Like I said his family and mine were/are really close. Even the "good" ones are liars. Wow.

    How did it turn out that this guy was called to be a witness in this hearing?

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