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    All these videos of people being disfellowshiped at the door and now this really make me feel bad, but is great for my long term mental health. Because it really shows how bad these people are, especialy people that have position.

  • Sparkplug

    Wow. I just finished this and It is making me ill. Most of what the elder was saying is exactly the opposite of how my family treats me. Absolutely crazy the line of reasoning.

  • Leolaia

    I loved it when the elder recoiled at the seemingly "apostate" material he was given to read.

    I thought the cross-examining attorney was rather weak, but he redeemed himself towards the end by forcing the elder to decide whether a "hello" is or isn't acceptable (the elder ended up saying one can say "hello").

  • TooOpinionated

    OMG, the lies fall so easily from his lips. This quy thinks he's quite clever, doesn't he?

    Does the attorney and judge know that the elder probably doesn't consider them "worthy" of speaking any truth? Do they know about theocratic warfare? I find it almost impossible to make nonJW's understand this concept.

    Thanks, alamb! You have done a yeoman's work today!!!!

  • alamb

    The judge had, on his desk, a copy of the Custody Brochure. He saw the lies.

  • Leolaia

    I was wondering about that.

    But why didn't the attorney question him further along these lines, i.e. "We have the organization's custody broshure in our exhibits, and you are telling us that as the person chosen by the organization to comment on the organization's policies in a custody case, you have never heard of this piece of literature?" And when he says no, follow that up with: "Are you familiar with the so-called 'Theocratic War Strategy'?"

    Did the TWS matter come up elsewhere in the trial?

  • TooOpinionated
  • cyd0099

    Just because the attorney did not refer to WTS materials by the exact name,that guy felt he could deny the materials existance, hoo boy.

    And I know we were supposed to avoid all contact with any DF'd in our congo. "Hello" was definitely NOT okay

    Thanks for this video. I think a link to point out where he is lying so it makes sense to non-dubs would be helpful.

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