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    Please reply to my inquiries on this page, if you don't mind.

    Thanks, sKally

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    This is a two edged sword. It has taken me 4 years of being the stable influence to my children that they are coming around and asking me for advise and trusting me with letting me in.

    IF I go public, it would destroy that. The JW's would point to me as a flaming apostate and the girls would be counselled again for having anything to do with me. This is a crucial point for my children. They are seeing falicies in the Truth. They are being treated poorly as young women in the organization. They tell me these things. In the early years I would make them read older publications and question them and read aloud to them things I was learning that were blowing my mind. This only drove them away. I have to walk a fine line until they are no longer minors. I cannot be viewed as a threat to "their spirituality".

    This case HAS been front page. I was also blackmailed by another judge for "favors" for help with custody. Yes, it gets worse. Judge Michael Glasmann. I turned him in, testified to the Judicial Conduct Commission, and he is off the bench. Bad news: he is now a mediator.

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    Has a copy of this been sent to the WTBS? Maybe send a letter stating that it is public knowledge that disfellowshipping is a congregational matter and not a family matter as stated on record by XXXXXXX. Therefore, could a letter please be send to all congregations in the world to be read that states that the congregations have 'misunderstood' the meaning of disfellowshipping and members who have family that is disfellowshipped CAN associate with them as the disfellowshipping is purely a congregational matter. Also, JWs do not shun in the fanatical way that the Amish do.

    Will someone do this????????????????


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    Alamb said:

    are these people ex-JW or JW? Why do I have to prove this? Isn't the tape the point? The case is public knowlege, if they want info.or to call me a liar, they can go to the court house and sift through the files themselves. Or call Mr. Johnson.

    First, sorry for my english.

    These people are JW and can't believe that what you have said is true, because it is too horrible for them to realize how their religion is awfull...

    You have not to prove anything. Your terrible story could help JW to realise how their religion is destructive. If we can publicise your story, even if you have loose your children's custody, even if you have loose your trial, you have win against this destructive's cult, because you have show how these men could act for their cult, how could they can be robot, how coult they be harmless, insensitive.

    A mother who can testify in a trial against her daughter, is nothing more than a pity. A father, proud about his act, even if it is a child's abuse, is horrible.

    Please, advertise, advertise, advertise, what you have suffer.



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    I'm considering it. I would have to speak with the producers.

    Problem: When I appeared in Christianity Today the court looked down on that because I was putting the kids in the middle of a religious conflict. I see their point. But at this point it could be considered damage control. Up until now I have tried to help other people on their cases while being unable to help myself. It's been a therapy of sorts. Maybe it's time to take the gloves off...I don't know. Contacting the Justice Dept. only pointed them to the problem, I could remain in the background. There is enough evidence out there and in their own publications. And at the UN website.

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    Thanks for your help in getting this out. This case is disgusting. I don't know if I made it clear but the girls are with their father and I have liberal visitation and joint legal custody. I knew this wouldn't work with the NO BLOOD card so I drafted the document on Freeminds, Legal Issues for use by non-custodial parents to counter it.

    I'm fighting in every way I can. I get angry when people doubt this goes on. I will post some links to people it has happened to in the past and it is happening today.

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    Witnesses cost me my family: Arnold Fox "It was an unbelievable scenario that people just wouldn't co-operate, denied knowledge, denied knowing where his wife and children were," says Duplak, now a provincial government lawyer.

    On this site:

    SHUNNED FATHER: daughter taken out of hospital in secret and eventually died due to medical neglect. MURDER.

    PUTERNUT: Shunning lead him to suicide. MURDER

    GARY BUSSELMAN: Written extensively on the damage of shunning.

    BRYAN: Kidnapped and lied to. Mother committed suicide. MURDER

    http://www.rickross.com/reference/jw/jw75.html Gail Griggs and her daughter.

    Church teachings call for total social ostracism of "dissociated" or "disfellowshipped" members, Gail Griggs said, adding the rule is even enforced within families.

    "I am dead in their eyes because I've turned my back on God," she said.

    http://www.watchtowernews.org/shunningcan.doc The Canadian Parliament studied the damage and publicized the results of shunning on families.

    Linda in Canada: Committed to a mental institution at age 15 by her JW parents because she didn't want to go to meeting. It was quickly found she was competent and was adopted into a loving family. (I have her affidavit)

    I have hundreds of others and am still gathering. If anyone on here wants to state what shunning, lies, etc. has done to their family, I can use the affidavits. Please PM me.

    The list is never ending.

    You can look at it and deny it. Or you can be honest and see the horrors.......................AND DO SOMETHING!

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    Judge Michael Glasmann, Utah

    Michael Glasmann Judge, State of Utah. 2nd District Judge Michael Glasmann will not be criminally charged with stalking and sexually harassing women, ...
    www.clr.org/Glasmann-Michael.html - 3k - Cached - Similar pages

    No Courtrooms.com - Utah Divorce Specialists

    ... Michael Glassman Michael J. Glasmann is a former District Court Judge with seven years of experience on the bench and over twenty years of legal experience. ...
    https://ssl7.solidserver.net/ ssl.nocourtrooms.com/meet_specialists.php - 13k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages

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    Justitia Themis

    I am very familiar with this elder. I spent 1974-1978 in the Sugarhouse Congreagation. I remember the Swigarts, a couple of ex-missionaries who adopted multiple mixed-raced children. In Utah, social services could not place non-white children, so they paid any family that would take one a good sum of money. These people didn't work; they supported themselves with the money the Utah paid them to care for children. Both became VERY obese. I was very good friends with two of their daughters, Toni and Kim. The children consistenly went to the elders, especially Jim Johnson, with complaints of abuse. Every time they were told to 'leave it in Jehovah's hands.'

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    what are you planning on doing with all these affidavits?


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