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  • Odrade

    huh. small world.

  • alamb

    Someone pm'd me and said I am being called a liar by JW's overseas. I sent him this from an affidavit written by my uncle.


    "I have confronted my brother about the molestation allegations made by (alamb). He NEVER dienied the charges to me. He did, however, continue to refer to Sabrina as "looney tunes", "off her rocker," etc. to defend Mr. M as a fine JW brother deeply committed to JW teachings.

    I have communicated with Sabrina for the past 3 years by phone, e-mail and regular mail. She seems to be intelligent and certainly not mentally or emotionally unstable, nor evil but deeply concerned about the welfare of her 3 children by Mr. M. I believe my wife and I are the only supportive link Sabrina has, and we support her efforts to gain custody of the children and provide for them in the way only a mother can.

    The foregoing comments and observations represent my best effort to truthfully document events, as I understand them and as I have been told by my brother.

    Subscribed and Sworn to by Mr. XXXXXXX


    Notary Seal"


    My mother was quoted as saying I was suicidal also. To a person outside the JW's they would never understand she was saying since I didn't go to meetings anymore, I was willing to die at Armageddon aka. suicidal. This is how she later explained it. She also admitted to being too upset to actually read the affidavit she signed when questioned how she could sign such a thing about her own child.

    I also voluntarily got 3 psychological examinations independently to disprove allegations above. These were submitted for court and the psychologists came to attest to my fitness as a mother.

    Why are these people concerned with lies if they can watch their fellow "brother" on video lying under oath?

  • Frog

    I haven't hear an elder talk the talk like that for years now, I'm surprised I didn't feel the need to faint ;)

    imo, a total load of crapola. We all know at the end of the day that the theory and practice behind shunning in the org are 2 very different things. Just like the WT may not have explicitly came out and said the big A was was coming in 1975, but it was well understood in dub circles as being fact. Practicing dubs are told the decision is up to their individual conscience simply because if they outright said what is already commonly understood as acceptable it would dramatically backfire on them in court. For all the tripe the org pedals you've got to agree that the sligh and deceptive way the org gets around things while being simple is remarkably efficient for their purpose. The prahses that PO used were just as ambiguous as I remember them to be. x

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    I contacted both alamb and stillconcerned last night about this case

  • stillAwitness

    I have just watched the video! What a bunch of crap!

    I emailed it to an MS friend of mine (he's cool people though) He's a pretty liberal Dub but still has the "well, I know it is the truth even though..." crap. If this does not have him really thinking then I am cuttin off all ties with the little troll.

    I want out already! I'm through with tryin to help the already brainwashed!

  • carla

    alamb, you and your children are in my thoughts and prayers. carla

  • sf


    Have you sent your story, along with this videotape, into the DR. PHIL SHOW?

    You may recall Randy and Danny submitting a thread stating that he is looking for people who were/ are involved in a cult and how a cult potentially damages families.

    Please consider doing so.

    Your story and this video NEEDS to be seen in order for the public to get a grasp on the destructive nature of this fraudulent organization and the damage it does to the most innocent of all...THE CHILDREN.

    Hope your doing well today.


  • sf

    May I add too, that if there ever was a case magnifying the damaging effects of a cult to the family nucleus, I'd say your story is one of the most compelling.

    Please email or call the show.


  • chasson

    Sf said:

    "our story and this video NEEDS to be seen in order for the public to get a grasp on the destructive nature of this fraudulent organization and the damage it does to the most innocent of all...THE CHILDREN."

    This is now the argument of the french's JW on the newsgroup fr.soc.sectes: "If this story is true, why there is now story if this in the press ?"

    See here the french's thread:




  • alamb

    This is a family matter in a small court. This case was front-page 3 times but for other reasons. These cases are not public in that they go on every day and the only people involved are friends and family. Lying in court isn't anything new or front page.

    Are these people ex-JW or JW? Why do I have to prove this? Isn't the tape the point? The case is public knowlege, if they want info.or to call me a liar, they can go to the court house and sift through the files themselves. Or call Mr. Johnson.

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