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    I want to let everyone reading this board to know that I was personally there in the courthouse and heard this testimony by elder James R. Johnson from Sugarhouse, Utah. I heard this liar in action. I gave testimony in behalf of Alamb and then watched elder Jim lie his ass off in the good name of Jehovah. Her husband, Leonard, did his share of lying as well. When Leonard was asked later about Jim's testimony and his lying about the existance of the child custody information in court and under oath, it was noted that his reply was:"He(Jim)lied, I didn't tell him what to say." This spineless bastard was turning on his own witness that came to lie for him in court. Alamb has suffered greatly at the hands of these witnesses. Her good name and reputation have been unjustly smeared by these treacherous witnesses. Her children have been manipulated by lies and the fear of eternal cutting off at Armageddon carried out by their father and the elders in the congregation. Its a terrible thing to use this kind of fear on these little girls. The youngest daughter even stated that she would choose to live with her mother and die at Armageddon rather than be alienated from her. She still is being alienated by her father against her wishes and pleads constantly to live with her mother. This is not hearsay, I personally heard her pleas and watched the hesteria of a little girl deprived of her mother. It's not a pretty sight. My thoughts concerning elder Jim is that there is a day of reckoning for this liar and I wondered when it would come. Well, this may be karma. The amount of publicity this video is getting may well cause him to become too much of a liability for the society. This dude's ego is bigger than you can imagine and if the society removed him over this incident, who can guess what it would do to him? Lying bastards doing in a lying bastard, wouldn't that be a kick?

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    THESHOOTIST, I'm glad alamb has supporters closer to home, I was shocked to read about the story. It is quite unbelievable even the society can stand by and watch.

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    WOOHOO! The video has been viewed 2000 times! Combine that with the views on the thread and "Bro. Johnson" just gave his first talk at the equivalent of an apostate District Convention. Wonder what he thinks of "apostate websites" now?

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    Here's a new blurb about JW lying with mention of your story and links to the video: http://www.jwinfo.8m.com/jwinfo.htm#lying

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    Rebel8, I'm glad it's getting out there. Thanks for posting the link. It's nice to finally have hard evidence to fight back with..

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    This was freaking pathetic. When I got my degree in Psychology, I took a course on "Abnormal Psychology". I think four chapters in my textbook could have been devoted to this lying lunatic. Do they really believe that the world and maybe even other JW's don't see throught this crap?? Absolutely disgusting. They should have thrown his sorry ass in prison for perjury for 10 years. That might wake up the next "honest" JW who was thinking about lying in court. Where's that earthquake I keep hoping for to hit NYC?

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    I feel the need to speak personally to Brother Johnson.

    I bet I know where he will be tomorrow!

    Anyone know what time the public talk starts in his congo?

    When the Brother who answers asks why I need to speak with him I will say Ï want to congratulate him on his starring role."

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    Jehovah's Witness-Sugarhouse
    2240 South 600 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 (801) 487-9456

    Taken from yellow pages, public info Mods

    I'm sure everyone will have respect and not call during service hours

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