What are your most hated JW words and phrases?

by Low-Key Lysmith 129 Replies latest jw friends

  • lilybird

    spiritual food...... new light......field service....the love of the brothers and sisters.......worldly association.....shunning...new sheep..Don't stumble others by our actions(which always meant, I can do what I like but you better not or I will have to report you to the elders)

  • Collegegurl

    so many possiblities.... the truth, faithful and discrete slave, worldy, apostate, theocratic

  • lynnmelo

    This has probably already been mentioned (haven't read the entire thread) but here are a few of my favs (NOT) . . .

    "[blank--fill it in] helps us to appreciate . . . " (Why do they LOVE using this??]

    "God's visible organization"

    "Yes, friends . . ." (to start any line in the Discourse).

    Boy, don't any of the borgs in the org realize that it's weird to have such group-speak??

  • wozadummy


    I agree ..so pompous

    And for those outside of America ........at the assembly when the pre recorded american voices of the drama had kids in it and would say "ooh Faartherrrrr or oh Mutherrrrrrrr" drawling along in true theocratic manner ..... my kids used to laugh every assembly over that years ago and I could hardly keep a straight face!

  • Virgochik

    And now, as we go our separate ways...

    Let us bow our heads in prayer...

    Myriads of angels are watching us...

    Worldwide association of brothers...

    Keeping them in our thoughts and prayers...

    Do we not agree, brothers?

    Undeserved kindness and rich spiritual blessings...

  • evita

    unevenly yoked
    meek, humble, lowly ones
    weak in the truth
    give a "talk"
    wait on jehovah
    she's not "theocratic"
    bad association spoils useful habits
    he's not very "spiritual"

  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    "Immature" - that term used to be bandied around liberally when I first started attending their meetings.

    "The Work" - enough already said about that one!


  • ARoarer

    JW terms from their"pure lanquage"

    spiritually sick, spiritually week, you're gonna die, materialistic, marry only in the lord, kingdom songs, be joyful doers of the word, armegeddon, rebellious ones, unbelieving mates, wives must give their "due", theocratic, kingdom intetests, put on a complete suit of armor, worldly relatives, bad association, fine association, duncan donuts stop, Babylon the Great Harlot, walking in the truth, preach the good news, antitypical, 1914, wrong thinking, dangerous thinking, demonized, Christendom, Revelation bookstudy, deaf assembly, truth, pure worship, those whom Jehovah will see fit to destroy, those whom Jehovah will judge, on his side, Bulding committee, volunteer sisters to cook, the big A, we don't celebrate pagan holidays, shun, disfellowship, Apostates, Bible study is coming to the meeting, pioneer school, home school. theocratic ministry school,


  • cyd0099


    You aren't alone. I remember the Muff n' Egg. I remember cursing that lukewarm, tinfoil-wrapped delicacy while my stomache grumbled and rumbled in the middle of the 11:00 a.m. ramblings talk from the platform.

    I decided to spend my tickets on puddings from then on.

    My hated catch-phrases were; Self-Abuse (I was trapped in a road trip to a DC with an new elder who wanted to help me if I had a problem w/ 'self-abuse' after my separation from my wife), Theocratic (as it was always applied to individuals, wouldn't they be a 'theocrat', much like I am a Democrat?), and Local Needs (Shouldn't that be what we are mostly concerned with anyway?).

  • just2sheep

    "born in the truth" - "annointed" - "just get over it" - "imperfect men" - "appointed by holy spirit" - "only a publisher"(as opposed to "pioneer" "ministerial servant" "elder" "overseer") -and one we haven't heard in a while " found by the annointed" - and finally "love in the congregation"---and really finally "the world does that,but we don't do that do we brothers?"

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