What are your most hated JW words and phrases?

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  • Liberty

    Just reading through this J-Dub speak brings back a lot of bad memories but that is good because it just reinforces how stupidly cultish the whole Watch Tower movement is.

    I think a lot of this pompous old-fashony mannor of speaking can be traced to Fred Franz who was stuck in his 1914 Generation turn-of-the-century-I-went-to-college-for-a-few-semesters throughout his entire JW writting career. His use of language was always so stilted and pseudo-intellectual as he played around with word order and unusual adjectives like "happifiing".

    I am sure old "Judge" Rutherford was a pompous ass stuck in the 19th century as well contributing his 2 cents worth to this legacy of "JW-speak".

  • stillconcerned

    My personal favorite is a WT article titled

    "The evils of independent thinking".

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    This system of things, New Order, Bad association, Conscience matter, inactive, leave it in Jemima's hands, spritual food provided to you by the faithful and discreet slave. All of these are like fingernails on the chalk board.

  • uninformed


    The end is NOT around the corner.

    We have rounded the corner and the end is just ahead.

    (And all the other tripe words, especially "Our Mother", go to meetings, etc, ad infinitum.)

    Brant and Karen

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre


  • Martini

    do a Presentation

    have your comments...

    aux. pioneering

    week-end service

    publisher of the good news

    spirit anointed congregation

    Part in the meeting

    in Jesus name

    book study

    mags...magazine offer...literature counter...

    month's offer

    return visit

    coffee break

    example to the congregation

    strong spiritually

    hall cleaning

    ...ad nausea

  • stillajwexelder


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Theocratic warfare

  • Alex Delta
    Alex Delta

    An elders favorite "cleansing of our congregation" or "worldly behavior" behave this biaacth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • babygirl75


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