What are your most hated JW words and phrases?

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  • dorayakii

    do you actually say "the friends" in the US? that sounds quite strange to me... here in the UK, "friends" are usually unbaptised publishers and/or non-witness visitors...

    eg. "Brothers and sisters and friends, we offer you a very warm welcome to our meeting this morning"

    Oh, that reminds me of another thing i hate. JWs are very fond of performance verbs, verbs in which you say you are doing something, but you are not really doing anything... eg. "We offer you a warm welcome"

  • dorayakii

    "fine spiritual feeding program from the Faithful and Discreet Slave"

    GAG!!! Oh my oh my, that sounds like JWs are hens in chicken coop, being force-fed corn...

  • littlerockguy

    lots of already ones mentioned and:

    Due to the seriousness of the situation involved we ask that you not clap after the following announcement.......

  • Maryjane

    Maryjane's Top Ten list of most hated JW words and phrases:

    10. Bad association

    9. Nethinim

    8. Buy out time

    7. Make the truth your own

    6. The Friends

    5. Gatherings

    4. Spiritually weak

    3. Spiritually mature

    2. Deep in the time of the end

    1. Encouraging/Encouragement

  • MissBehave
    do you actually say "the friends" in the US? that sounds quite strange to me... here in the UK, "friends" are usually unbaptised publishers and/or non-witness visitors...

    Yes they do and it's really creepy. I've always hated it. Which reminds me so much of this....

    Did anyone in the US catch last year's installment of Big Brother. Where the house pretty much divided right down the middle and the one group called themselves "The Friendship". I totally got a weird witness vibe from those people. They talked in circles, they called the other group "evil" (the other group being much more rational and sane, mind you), they kept professing how in the end they would be vindicated (not in those exact words, but same meaning). It really gave me the creeps. I thought that group would feel really comfortable inside a Kingdom Hall.

  • jambon1

    After reading scripture the brother says......

    "so as we can CLEARLY see".....then proceeds to make point......

  • carla

    "You will agree...." (like hell I will)

  • joelbear

    well, the first two that popped into my mind were--

    in the truth. when i hear someone say this now and it would only be my mother that would say it to me and maybe my niece, it gives me an eerie feeling. these words are like some kind of spell or something. like the star trek episode where they would ask people if they were "of the body". besides its grammatically incorrect.

    tbe friends. its presumptuous. i guess having met so many nasty people that were witnesses that this phrase just became meaningless. witnesses were a large group of people that had some things in common. i was friends with a small subset of that group. this was very clear when you visited other congregations or at larger assemblies.

  • SirNose586


    That one still curls my teeth up round my tonsils and swings them round the room over my head.

    HB (of the "no longer happifiable" class )

    Sorry to resurrect this thread, but last Sunday, somebody described an experience as HAPPIFYING! It woke me out of my daze in the sound booth. "Happifying," I thought. "This guy must be old-school...."

    I debated whether or not I should inform him that it wasn't a real word. In the end I voted to let him continue on in ignorance.

  • Backed away
    Backed away

    "New World translation" Barf!

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