What are your most hated JW words and phrases?

by Low-Key Lysmith 129 Replies latest jw friends

  • TopHat

    I hear it all the time: When you point out how the Governing Body made a big mistake of any kind.

    "They are not perfect" .......But, but fellow JWs have been D'F for less I say!

  • Generic Man
    Generic Man

    You're forgetting "food at the proper time" as in "the faithful and discrete slave, who are serving spirtitual food at the proper time." Also I hate it when they refer to the "annointed" as "spirtitaul brothers of Christ." What a bunch of masterbatory crap!

  • Lilycurly

    Has "New Light" been mentioned? If it did, then I think it should be once more.

  • hamsterbait


    That one still curls my teeth up round my tonsils and swings them round the room over my head.

    HB (of the "no longer happifiable" class )

  • DanTheMan


    Jerhoover's arrangement

    How do True Christians view ____ in light of the principles found in G0d's word?

  • pisces

    My most hated JW phrases are "We don't want to bring reproach upon Jehovah's name" and "Cause for stumbling".

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    "Torture Stake" (I had a "torture steak" one time at Sizzler)

    "Self Abuse"


    "Persecution for Our Faith" (give me a break. they are persecuted because they are douchebags.)


  • Generic Man
    Generic Man

    Oh yeah, I also hate it when they say "do not lean upon your own understanding." I guess I have to lean upon the understanding of a few old men from Brooklyn. If you do lean upon your own understanding, you end up striving after "higher education" (of course, this word is always used in the pejorative sense) and you become so "haughty and proud" since you've learned what real scholarship looks like.

    I could go on, but I hate all of those buzzwords. Talk like a real person, damnit!

  • carla

    All and any 'unique' words of jw.

    What is Muff n egg, special code word for EggMcMuffin? weirdo's.

  • blondie

    spiritually weak

    bad association


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