My husband and I,(Mark and Teresa Dickey, from the Wisconsin Rapids, WI congregation-we've got nothing to hide, so read this, Elders, and weep! LOL) along with our 3 small children, had finally had enough of the hypocrisy and made the decision to turn our backs on the Pharisees and the Tower. There was a alledged female child molester in our congregation, and it was disgusting how the whole thing was handled. It was my first experience with the whacked 2 witness rule, and couldn't believe that other parents of young children were not warned. I was told that I was overly emotional about the subject because I was pregnant at the time. I told them I would be that way no matter what, and that I thought there was something wrong with THEM! They tried to twist scripture, saying that it was the same as homosexuality, and I told them that it was obviously geared towards consenting adults, and never children. I mentioned the terror those children felt, especially having to sit at the hall with that individual. Nothing fazed these people. Finally, I told them that I believe there are different degrees of crime, and that if they didn't take action against this person, then they were just as guilty for enabling that person. We were not on the internet at that time, so when the shunning began for speaking against the elders I felt like it was the most horrible time of my life. I had no idea others had gone through this, too. Finding this site as empowered me, and my family and I are eternally grateful to Simon. Now I am looking for anyway I can to tell the truth about the seamy JW subculture, and my husband and I wear our Silent Lambs tee shirts proudly!