New Video of DF announcement at door

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  • Sparkplug

    All I can say is wow. I showed it to my children. I don't really know the person that taped this and they have been taught to always question. BUT about 30 seconds into the playing of it, the two older kids that I let see it, had me stop it and asked all kinds of questions. They don't remember much from the hall except..."raise your hand and say Jehovah."

    My son wanted to know if they really DF'ed people without their knowledge. Sad thing is, I was one of those same people on DF number two. They called me, I agreed to a conference call in one week with 3 brothers to be on the line. They never called back. When I called my mom to question this, she told me she could not talk to me and that I had been announced the night before as DF'ed. She did not believe me when I said I did not know anything of this. Many people have looked at me skeptically over the years when I say that. Especially family.

    This tape, as my son said (if this is truly for real) gave me validation. After being gone so long, you can wonder if you were young and saw it all through a different perspective. Was it really as cold as I remember? Did I have an attitude that did not show repentance? This tape here just slammed it all back into my face and hit me hard. The stone cold questions they ask, that you sit and pour your f$%^%^&ing heart out to, and all the while they ALREADY knew what they had decided. When the reality hits you that you were just given a meeting of 15 minutes out of a CYA situation (As in my first and third DF'ing) ...You feel so violated. You could never have changed a predetermined decision. It messes with your head and you have anger issues and self worth issues because someone could treat you like that. Especially ones that once you thought were appointed by Gods Holy Spirit...ooooh. I am so mad and have been all day since I watched this.

    I want it on freaking Dateline if it is for real. Even if it is to watch them put one hand up in front of the camera and refuse to see them. Anybody know Ted Koppel? Isn't that his name?

    Anyhow, it was good for the older kids to see this and to be aware of where in life my other family is and the mind control. We talked about always being patient and non judgmental of people who do not know anything different.

    I was talking to a friend today and we discussed that it is hard sometimes to believe the younger guy actually viciously knew and delivered a message he did not believe in. But would that be enough if god (as I said if she exist) was to hand out judgment. I was thinking of the gang leader that was executed.

    He advocated the stopping of all he had once so heartedly embraced. But he still had to pay for what he had done. Bear the repercussions (sp) of your actions so to speak. Nobody gave me a break for leaving my husband. I have born everything that has come my way because the fact is I did wrong in the way I left. I had HUGE and UNAVOIDABLE reasons for what I did and how I did it. But just as a person stands with a gun pointed at another human, there is always the choice to lower it and walk away with dignity. The price I paid far outweighed anything that I possibly did. But seeing I lived in the JW world. I paid proper retribution and then some. I am prepaid on retribution, Kharma..or waiting on a reward later. I am into 7 more lifetimes I do believe.

    So I wonder what god would do truly at judgment time? (As I said. if there is one) I say it both ways because so many of us have lost faith and others completely believe and still others completely disbelieve.

    The kids loved it and my son suggested that this (if it is legit) is a big chunk in history. They will change the policy and there will be less chance to record anything. But this cannot be contained. He suggested Dateline. I told my daughter something to the effect that it feels big, hell, it feels good, exhilarating and heartbreaking at the same time, but it could start a movement. Just like not standing up and taking a seat at the back of the bus.

  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    This isnt groundbreaking at all. If it did ever get back to the WT the most they would do is create a new policy regarding recording devices and what you should do if you know your being recorded. They will NOT be removed as Elders and this will not create a revolution within the society that will change the practice. In there minds its scriptural and its also another sign they have the truth. Its all about keeping the congregation clean. I agree with the poster that said " he may show up at an apostafest next week" You never know when someone is doubting already. This maybe the last DFING he's involved with. It was obvious that he was uncomfortable with the whole situation. Im sure just because he was having a hard time reading with the low light situation that it doesnt mean he's not qualified or a good speaker. I believe he probably hates DFING people like a few of the Elders I know and he probably really was having a hard time seeing. Even if he's a slow reader it doesnt deem him a moron or uncapable or unqualified. Some people just read slower than others. In my opinion It is a good video to show that Dfing is a real practice that is being carried out among the high control group known as JW's. The question of there decision being spirit directed was also good to have caught on tape. Im just afraid to many are attacking them individually and not the WT specifically. They are only puppets who may walk away one day.

  • upside/down


    Why do I get a knot in my stomach and nauseated when I see this kind of crap. Even though they are 100% wrong and I KNOW it, I still feel like a little kid that's about to get his ass kicked.

    u/d(of the was subserviant for far too long class)

  • DannyHaszard


    Doorstep Documentary: Exposed—Jehovah's Witnesses Expel Without a Fair Trial (NEW 2/17/06)

    Two elders come to the door of a fellow JW to announce he has been disfellowshipped without a trial! The younger one is Dennis McClellan. The older one is Robert (Bob) Smaglick. Windows Media Player, 5:25

  • Sparkplug
    In my opinion It is a good video to show that Dfing is a real practice that is being carried out among the high control group known as JW's. The question of there decision being spirit directed was also good to have caught on tape.

    Right, but I have never seen a video of a Df'ing. I have not had proof to show people who cannot comprehend what the crazy world I come from is like. So with that, It is groundbreaking on a personal level. Ever lost even your new adopted family or friends because they do not understand your scars. It is so strange and almost unbelievable to them. I don't know about you, but I am tired of not being understood at times.


    Why do I get a knot in my stomach and nauseated when I see this kind of crap. Even though they are 100% wrong and I KNOW it, I still feel like a little kid that's about to get his ass kicked.

    u/d(of the was subserviant for far too long class)

    I felt the same. Just like being dragged to the back room.

  • purplesofa

    I have not read all the comments posted.........but I was shocked they came to you to tell you that they Disfellowshipped you. They sent three letters to inform you of a meeting, but did not choose to come to your door till they made a decision. I would have thought they would have diligently tried to come to your door to "save your life" rather than send letters!

    I don't understand why anyone would aggresively DF someone in that way.

    Neither one of these men were stupid...........the humble, naive, innocent, all that is a clever tool. It takes someone really smart to play that stupid.

    What a big game.

    The more I think about it the madder I get!!!!!!!!!!


    amd THEN to try to go into HOW YOU CAN COME BACK INTO THE ORGANIZATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH CRIPES...........I AM REALLY MAD.

  • purplesofa

    One more thing...........If someone came to my door to tell me I was no longer a part of something.......and they did not come with anymore balls than that.......anymore conviction........

    can you imagine getting fired from a job from somebody like that ........? Being a Christian does not mean being whimpy.

    I gotta think about this some more.

    I'm wonder I am not


  • Billygoat
    This isnt groundbreaking at all.

    Maybe "groundbreaking" isn't a great term, but you have to admit, this one video could change some people's lives. It's already validated Sparky and so many others that 'no, we aren't crazy', it's THEM that's crazy. That in itself has helped some heal a little since they've seen it. I realize most of the people that have seen this video have laughed, but honestly think about how sad this is. The intent of these two men are to keep a congregation clean...not help a lost sheep.

    Does anyone else see the incredible sadness this COULD have (and HAS!) created in so many people's lives? This type of situation is what caused Cruzanheart's father to committ suicide almost exactly a year ago. It is the FEAR of this situation that cause Makena and Sabine's daughter to commit suicide so many years ago. It is this that assisted in the killing of Puternut several weeks ago! Patrick, I am so glad that you were here before you video taped this, so you have support now that you're 'out' of the congregation. But thousands of people do not. And those thousands of people need to know that THEY are just fine. That it is the JW caste system that is crazy and jacked up. They need to know that there IS life after the bOrg.

    Again, I realize many of us see this as humorous, because we've come out on the other side and survived. But the truth of the matter is, is this shunning practice KILLS.

  • KW13

    WOW this video is great and i think you should certainly commence with your documentary!

    Well done for dealing with this, your questions were spot on and they for whatever reasons were off the mark. Notice, if they really cared 'as a brother' they'd of come in, sat down, talked and listened twice as much.

    Your out of something bad, and you've captured the moment it all 'ended' with you as part of their org.

  • wednesday

    Excellent job on the video. You asked them fair questions. They could not give anything but reherased canned answers. Surely if they found time to come tell you their decision. they could have made a bit more effort to contact you in the first place. There is so much hatred for anyone they feel is an apostate, that they treat them as less than dogs, not even worthy of their time to contact. I did laugh at the video, but not b/c he had trouble reading. I laughed b/c I can't believe I once thought these men had God' spirit. The man had trouble reading b/c of the light. However, being an elder he should have known most of that stuff from memory.

    To those who have said the df person acted like a jerk, I'm sorry for you. You obiviously still pay homage to these men and feel they speak God's words, and have some authority in your life. B/c if you take away that, you will be able to see how arragont they are and how ignorant they sounded. The df person asked simple questions and they could not answer them.

    This is indeed the real "kocking" film that all prespective jws, ie bible studies, everyone should see. Tried without a hearing by men who say they are directed by God's spirit.

    I hope to see this on google really soon. I hope this totally humiliates those men, maybe they will think twice before they go" knocking "again. Maybe when they receive some of JWS special kind of christian love, (a tongue lashing by the CO and possibly losing their titles) they will think, hey this is unfair, I was just doing what I was told. Often it takes an experience where you get treated badly to open ones eyes.


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