New Video of DF announcement at door

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  • Krystal
    try to make them look foolish

    LOL... you don't have to try, they do a great job of that themselves!

    I didn't see any "attacking" on the part of the householder (a.k.a convicted criminal!) either.... he asked some hard hitting questions but not unreasonable or stupid questions.

    Good job taping it! I wish I had been this informed and not so scared when I was DFed it would have been great to give them a bit of trouble!

  • AuldSoul
    I dont attack them or try to make them look foolish

    I understand your point, PaNiCAtTaCk. I just don't see how it applies to the video I watched. These men didn't come to share their message of comfort, hope, or love.

    They came with the express purpose of announcing their intentions to damage this man's relationships with friends and family; comparing this situation to the public expressions of religious faith that you brought up is beyond absurd, in my opinion. They were coming to calmly announce that they would soon have to hate the man on whose doorstep they stood.

    The gentleman with the caterpillar growing upon his upper lip seemed to be genuinely regretful that schne_belly had forced them to make this (unconscionably horrid) decision. But neither seemed to find anything wrong with the way the decision was reached, which is hard to believe but the proof is in the video. They made fools of themselves, but not because they were helped to do so.

    The policies of their draconian Governing Body (<--- equates to Jehovah) compel them to behave foolishly and they dutifully dance their little monkey dance to the tune the organ grinder cranks out. schne_belly simply recorded the event. They ARE foolish, their beliefs ARE foolish, I WAS once fooled into being foolish right along with them, and so were you. All schne_belly did was capture elders being elder-ish on video, they do foolish things in foolish ways for foolish reasons and that comes through on the video.

    This video will help prevent many from making the same FOOLISH mistake you and I made and since schne_belly did not attack anyone in making it I fail to see the application of your point to THIS situation.

    Confoundedly (again),

  • sf

    I'm glad I took time to read the entire thread, as I found this to be EXACTLY what was said to me at my meeting with the elders, before they dropped the ax:

    He was telling you that you are now dead to God. That God will no longer hear your prayers. That your friends will not look you in the eye or say hello to you because you are dead. He is telling you that your JW family now considers you dead. He is telling you that you are 'mentally diseased' and 'wicked.'

    It is almost verbatim!

    I recall too, how utterly helpless I felt right at that moment too.

    My phone has a built in recorder. And of course, many have camera phones. USE THEM PEOPLE. Start documenting the insanity. And posting it on the internet.

    I'm hoping too that Danny has this going through the search engines and Randy will host it as well.

    If yahoo jw chatroom was still up, you better believe the jws would be knowing about this video.

    Incidently, I'm still waiting for it to download. Can't wait. Yet, I must.

    TED JARACZ: Does the phrase "polishing our balls" mean anything to you?


    sKally, Waggin' klass

  • luna2

    Awesomely awesome, schne_belly, thanks!

    I felt bad for Flanders (thanks, bebu..hehehe), but I had to laugh. This is what happens when you don't get two weeks notice to prepare your talk and haven't been instructed by the WTS about what to do when told you are being filmed. I wonder if Ned even listened to what you were saying ("I'm making a documentary about high control groups") because he was so focused on delivering his message to you. I wonder if he kept that fake smile plastered on his face because he was on camera or if this is his usual facial expression when telling people they are dead meat in Jehootie's eyes. You know, its really too bad that the Holy Spirit didn't give these guys a heads up before they knocked on your door that evening.

    I will say that there are a few elders from both the KH's I attended that I wouldn't film (if I could ever be this cool, calm and collected under pressure) as they were truly good, kind people and I wouldn't have the heart to put them on the spot. There are more than a few of those guys, though, that I would love to have on film stuttering, sputtering and exposing the cult for the pile of horse sh*t that it is.

  • schne_belly
    My favorite part was when the guy read the scripture to the SIDE OF YOUR HOUSE!!!! HILARIOUS!!! Maybe you aren't really disfellowshipped afterall, and it's your house that is dead in the eyes of god.

    I love it!! Not sure I will ever talk to my house again!! Nor will I eat or have any spiritual discussions with it..... These are some tough decisions I will be making after the official announcement.......

  • ButtLight

    I am really shocked that this elder didnt make the comment that they tried reasonably, to contact you before making their decision. They CAN make that decision, if they feel they did their best in contacting you. Did they also try calling you to inform you? He didnt mention that. So what now? Are you going to appeal for the hell of it? Or just let it ride?

  • slugga


    For those Mac / Quicktime users that couldn't see this video I've converted it and stuck it here

    When you open the page a pop up window will open that hides the download link. Just turn it off.

    Instructions below...


  • Preston

    In chat today we agreed that if this film got around online the guy with the moustache would become just as famous as that 'STAR WARS' kid.

    He'll be in a restaraunt and the waitress will go "sorry sir we're sorry to tell you we're out of meat....did you get the letter?"

    He'll be at work and his boss will go "We're kicking you out of the company....did you get my email?" or "Hey can you read this Letter for, in the dark would be fine."


    - Preston

  • slugga

    Wouldn't it be REALLY cruel if someone posted that Elder a link to the movie so that he could see what an ass he was

  • greendawn

    When people that have no proper religious training as do for example Catholic priests and when they are not dedicated full or quasi full time to their spiritual work this is the inevitable result. You need professionals for such a job.

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