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    They the closest to right, did you say PMJ? Are you admitting they are wrong by saying they are close to right? I love this, The Jehovah inspired closest to right. With such a whacked out God, that's the best he could do anyway, they're not quite right but the closest my holy spirit can get someone to right. Sounds like a not quite right God is dealing with the not quite right JWs. Sounds like they all have a mental defficiency to me!!!! Coming from you PMJ, it's really not such A BIG DEAL ANYWAY.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    with out doubt despite what people say the jehovahs wittnesses.have the closest to the truth


    so why does it matter to you all.that you believe you were lied too?

    “Be very careful to be accurate in all statements you make. Use evidence honestly. In quotations, do not twist the meaning of a writer or speaker or use only partial quotation to give a different thought than the person intended. … When you make references to the Scripture or to any other authority, be definite. And use reliable, capable authority. … Also one wants to use evidence from an authority that the hearers will accept.” (“Qualified to be Ministers” p. 199)

    D Dog

  • Alwayshere
    You don't need religion.

    Exactly my thoughts Kristofer. 1John 2: 27"You need not any man to teach you." We have the Bible. Do what Jesus says.

  • outoftheorg

    Well pmj I won't go into the jw beliefs, other than to tell you that they damned near did kill me.

    They destroyed my marriage and df'd me for fits of rage. You see I was angry with the elders and the wbts for doing nothing about my daughters molestation by her uncle the elder.

    Angry enough to tell the elders that they needed the shit kicked out of them. My now ex wife followed the elders recommendation to get a divorce.

    I thought of suicide but got a psychiatrist to straighten me out. My ex wife the true jw is now living alone sick and unable to work, none of her once jw friends are any help.

    I am remarried and have a good life and wife, even though she is ill. I offered to help my ex wife and like a true jw she will have nothing to do with me the df'd one.

    Stay in the jw cult and eventually you will pay the bill and the hurt and confusion and sadness may make you think things through.

    I truly do feel sorry for you.


  • cyd0099

    i didnt say i read it Outoftheorg. i said i noticed it.

    Really happy, you know this for a fact? You can read the heart of your brothers? Many of us put on a facade of happiness because we had no choice-because if we expressed what was really in our hearts-we would face losing all the family and all the friends many of had ever known

    Circular logic, anyone?

  • PMJ

    well if your child was being molested by her uncle the elder why didnt you got to the police?the wtbs are not law they are not the police hate child molestation and i mean i hate it.did you go to the police?

  • skyman

    PMJ I read where you say you can count time being on the this board. I will tell it one more time. In the congregation I was in we had a brother that was quiting one of the internet religous boards and was counting time. We tried to DF him, we called the Society's information desk and we were told that it was not a DF'ing matter BUT we were told by the Society HE WAS NOT TO COUNT THE TIME HE WAS ON THE SITE. So you want to follow GOD LAW on counting time then you are handing in a bogus time card if you count time while you are on this site. I say count all of the time you want while you are here but you are not suppose to.

  • just2sheep

    pmj is an itch ya'll just have to scratch isn't he???

  • Legolas
    the general feeling on this website is that all religions have gods people in them.so why does it matter to you all.that you believe you were lied too?you show me a religion that is with out fault?show me a religion that has the total truth from the bible? with out doubt despite what people say the jehovahs wittnesses.have the closest to the truth

    Ahhhhhhhhhh...Now that feels good! I don't believe in religion or a god!

  • cyd0099

    j2s, Yep. From the horrible spelling to the atrocious logic...

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