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  • codeblue

    "closest to the truth"? They don't even qualify because they cover up the severe pedophile problem within the WTBS and they committed "spiritual adultery" for 10 years with the Wild Beast. Based on both actions, Jehovah has already left the WTBS. I believe Jehovah is VERY upset with the WTBS for representing him as a "pedophile" and "adulterer".

  • greendawn

    No religion has the absolute truth and above all they all have difficulties in practicing what they believe because man's nature is imperfect. However the JWs are deliberately lying on many issues in an effort to deceive and exploit their flock eg the 1914 date that finally proves to be totally meaningless with the indefinely long generation, in the past it was used for decades to pressure the R&F into preaching.

  • Flash
    ...with out doubt despite what people say the jehovahs wittnesses. have the closest to the truth

    Agreed, ancient Israel did too. They were at one time "God's Organization" and yet what did they do with it and to God's people?? What did Jesus say about those leading them and what ultimately happened to the Nation??? Were they approved by God or dis-approved??? If a blind man leads a blind man...

    My advice to everyone is, "Worship Jehovah, but stay away from His narrow, manipulative, self-righteous, condesending and domineering Organization!"

    My advice to everyone who are still Witnesses is, "Worship Jehovah as a Christian not a disciple of Paul!!"

  • mouthy

    Oh No PMJ is back!!!!! He must have great hours to give to Bethel.... Poor PMJ!!!! I believed as you did darling. The Watchtower had the truth!!!!! I wish you knew what I did for the organization.... BECAUSE I thought it was GOD's Channell. Get a life sonny!!!! read the Bible through your own eyes.... NOT the Watchtower especially Romans. But NOT in their distorted bible.... Read it in a REAL TRANSLATION-------------- Keep on tracking!!!! the hours mounts..... But remember it is NOT by works we are saved it is by FAITH,,,,, So keep the faith---- & in time you will realize the Watchtower is NOT Jesus !!!! Since Jesus is the WAY! TRUTH! LIFE!!!! ....Jah said if you do not worship the SON as you do the Father you are not worshiping the Father ........So bend your knee to the SON.... Ask HIM to send you the Teacher>>>>The HOLY SPIRIT!!!!

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Just an observation: I have read everything posted in this thread. All of you have done very well. All I can say is very interesting and a good insight to the various personalities! Please keep up the posts. This is a good thread to plaster on the doors of the many Kingdom Halls.


  • moshe

    You are right Mr. Kim! An open-minded ( like the JWD forum) dialogue is the most dangerous of things to happen in a KH. The elders will squelch any informal chit chat or "personal feelings" about any WT related topic. If JW's could vote by secret ballot, they would be surprised how unhappy the majority are with the present WT belief system and its chaffing system of control. But they can't vote can they?


  • Soledad
    Maybe we should just all ignore PMJ sometime, see how long he/she sticks around. It's like feeding a stray cat - keep feeding it, and it'll keep coming back for more. Stop feeding it, and it'll look elsewhere for what it needs.

    I could not agree more.

    PMJ is the proverbial horse being led to the water, but we can't force him to "think."

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    You've set up a false dilemma, Lola:

    >I have only two options: 1. I could believe in Jehovah, but then that would mean that I would have to worship a god that allows pain and suffering,
    Would sentient beings that had no free will truly be made in God's image? Would it not serve the greater good that these beings would have a choice: to remain with God eternally or eternally separated? Since mankind chose the course of sin and rebellion, not needing God, why would they have a valid reason to whine about the evil that results from their own choices?
    You will no doubt claim that you had no choice in the matter since is was not you who originally sinned. That is a cop out. You cannot help but sin yet until you are morally accountable you will end up in heaven. Heaven is the 'default' mode for those who are not morally accountable. This is also a great assurance for the innocents that died because of the sins of their parents.

    >a god that wont think twice about killing billions of ppl..

    That of course, is one interpretaion of eschatology (end times). There some more valid scripturally than that. However, by His very nature God sets the span of life for all beings. That being the case how could you blame God for people dying when it's 'their time'? Then, how could you blame Him when he offers salvation freely to those who would take advantage of it. God the son 'took the hit' for us. He humbled Himself and experienced exactly what we go through yet in much more horrible ways. HE died for the sin brought into this world by the 'fall of mankind'. He paid the price. We are offered something much better than justice: we are offered mercy and grace!

    >I would have to believe that he is a kind and loving god, and I don't think thats the case. No kind and loving god could sit by and not fix things. So there is either no god or he just does not care.

    There is the false dilemma as I have explained above. He did 'fix things', you just have not yet recognized that fact. "You have seen the Son, so you see the Father." We must interpret all scripture in the light of what Jesus has revealed to us about Himself. If anthing in scripture does not line up with the nature of Christ then we do not have the full understanding. That's why all of this blather about Hebrew history and God's involvement is totally besides the point. You don't need to know any of it to attain salvation. All you need to know is that Jesus died for you personally, knowing full well that you (like me) would not have gratitude nor care about Him.
    "God demonstrates His love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." (Rom. 5:8)
    After you read that go to Romans 10:9-11 and when you see what it is saying pray it as a prayer to God, then jump down to verse 13: "All who call on the Lord will be saved." When you have done that read chapter 8 of Romans and see why you are no longer under condemnation.

    >2. my second option is to not belive in him and just live my life the best way I can.
    Come on, just roll over and die? You have more fight than that. May God bless you by revealing Himself to you! Amen.

  • MinisterAmos

    The Dubs are to put it mildly, eager to watch 99.9% of the worlds population die a terrible death.

    Does that need to be repeated before you realize how far from the truth they really are?

    Got to listen to the brother giving the talk today describe how "warm" are the hearts of the Dubs and how "frozen" are the hearts of the other 99.99% of the worlds population. If "warm" hearts can be responsible for pure wickedness like that of the Dubs, imagine how EVIL the rest must be....Sure there are lots of farked up folks but with the Dubs almost 100% have caught the wicked bug.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim


    Right you are! Can't vote, think, sit, eat, date, answer honestly, move about, drink, look, read or take a poo WITHOUT having permission or some type of observation by the R&F or the elders.

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