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    skyman i have never said i can count time never ive all ways said i would never count time being on this website.were did you read that?

  • Legolas

    PMJ...Are you still active?


    Are you disfellowshipped?

  • Legolas


    Hello...Is this thing on?

    I would like an answer please!

  • IP_SEC

    PMJ, first, this post is not meant to belittle you in any way. I was like you at one time. It amounts to almost a mental illness if you will indulge my use of the term. When people are told what to believe, over time they lose the ability to think and are susceptible to all sorts of goofy logical fallacy. I believe this has happened to you, as it happened to me.

    I am providing a link that I hope you will read. It really helped me to learn how to think. It is more important to know how to think than it is to know what to think. Would you agree?


    Please take time to digest all of the links on this page.



  • outoftheorg

    Of course pmj. Having been in law enforcement I went to the police. Doing this upset the elders, that was one of the things they held against me. Unfortunatly the statute of limitations had expired. However the police took all the information in case another person complained with in the limitations.

    There were several sisters that complained about this elder and the wbts legal desk said to drop it.

    About 3 yrs ago after a 11 year lapse the elders own daughter brought up this issue to the elders and he was finally df'd. How many did he abuse? Well there are complaints from both Idaho and Calif.

    When my daughter found this lack of action by the wbts she became very angry and when I brought that to the elders I was told " well it is up to you "that is me" to help my daughter to accept this.

    How foolish and uncaring and arrogant. Now do you understand my fits of rage??

    I considered killing the bastard. I was trained and thought I knew how. I also knew what prison was like so I changed my mind.

    This is one and only one of my experiences that cause me to see your posts as foolishness.

    I am not kidding when I tell you "that the time will come when they hurt you so badly" that you will recall this forum and the advice you had here


  • stillajwexelder

    what is it like being blind and deaf PMJ?

  • silentWatcher

    Another fine University of Awake graduate. Who flunked the class "The Space Bar -- Jehovah's provision for clarity"

  • AuldSoul
    why does the bible say dont forsake the congregating of your selfs together?

    (1) Where does the Bible indicate the frequency?

    (2) Where does the Bible indicate that regularity in doing so would be required for salvation?

    I'll make a deal with you, PMJ: You answer the question with Scriptures that correspond to the highlighted portions of the articles I'm quoting and I will abandon my quest to take out the Watchtower Society.

    *** w62 12/1 p. 735 Courage Through Faith and Hope in Jehovah ***
    You can have like courage today by coming to God’s Word with the right mental attitude, with a consciousness of your spiritual need. But for your personal Bible study to be truly fruitful you must take advantage of the means Jehovah God has provided for your understanding his Word and applying it in our day. Those means consist primarily of five weekly congregational meetings. Do not let any such obstacles as inclement weather interfere with your attending these and gaining the faith-strengthening and hope-inspiring spiritual food to be had at them. Your very association with other courageous Christian ministers will cause your own courage to grow stronger, for if ‘bad associations spoil useful habits,’ certainly it must follow that right associations will strengthen useful habits.—1 Cor. 15:33.

    (3) Show where the Scriptures say that five weekly congregational meetings is the primary means for gaining understanding of God's Word. Keep in mind, I have already shown you Scriptures that state outright that the holy spirit does that job individually, NOT through any earthly organization.

    *** km 3/01 p. 3 April—Time to ‘Work Hard and Exert Ourselves’ ***
    6 All of us must continue asking for Jehovah’s spirit to strengthen us in his service. (Luke 11:13) What must we do to receive that spirit? Read God’s inspired Word. (2 Tim. 3:16, 17) We must also “hear what the spirit says to the congregations” by being in attendance at all five weekly meetings. (Rev. 3:6) Now is an opportune time to help irregular and inactive ones improve in their study habits and establish constancy in their meeting attendance. (Ps. 50:23) We do this while keeping close watch on our own spiritual welfare. Yet, something else is required.

    (4) Please show a Scripture that indicates that hearing what the spirit says to the congregations requires regular attendance at five weekly meetings. Keep in mind that this is current teaching, as of 2001.

    *** km 6/94 p. 1 Are You Sowing Bountifully? ***
    4 Congregation Meetings: At Psalm 122:1, David said: “I rejoiced when they were saying to me: ‘To the house of Jehovah let us go.’” Do you feel the same? Sowing bountifully means regular attendance at our five weekly meetings. Make up your mind that you are not going to allow unpleasant weather to interfere. Usually, the more obstacles we overcome, the greater our blessings.

    (5) Since the context of the article uses 2 Corinthians 9:6 as "basis" for this statement, please consider 2 Corinthians 9:1-14 and stop when you get to the part that this "sowing bountifully" means regular attendance at five weekly meetings. Then tell me what verse to consider that shows that this paragraph is not stating an outright lie in the highlighted portion.

    *** km 4/92 p. 3 Keep Spiritually Strong, Stay Clean for Jehovah’s Service ***
    6 We should make it our aim to help these new ones while at the same time keeping conscious of our own spiritual needs. (Matt. 5:3) Spirituality is the key to our strength. This is a quality that must be nourished and fortified by a regular intake of spiritual food. Through his organization, Jehovah provides balanced programs for study of his Word. The five weekly congregation meetings play a vital role in making us strong, ‘inciting us to love and fine works.’—Heb. 10:24.

    (6) Finally, please tell me what Scripture indicates that "FIVE weekly congregation meetings" play a "VITAL role in making us strong..."

    PMJ, I don't mind you having things to share with me and I don't mind considering your viewpoints.

    However, as long as you claim to be attached to a religious organization that says it bases its teachings on the Bible I am going to ask you to speak from the Bible about your beliefs. I think that is fair, because I don't believe what the Watchtower teaches to be true (obviously). It is up to you to convince me it is based on the Bible after all.

    The fact of the matter is, the answer to your question is very simple. Jesus said where two or three are "gathered" in his name, he would be there also. Matthew, recording that statement, used the root Greek word of the word used at Hebrews 10:25.

    But, like JWs around the world, when you read Hebrews 10:24, 25 you focus on the WORK (meeting together) and Paul focused on the PURPOSE BEHIND IT (inciting to love and fine works). THE PURPOSE OF THE MEETINGS WAS NOT EDUCATION. And you have missed that all these years because you have been misled.

    Maybe you will answer my 6 questions. So far, you haven't been willing to do anything but ask other questions. I have answered many of your questions and you answer none of mine. If you do answer these 6 questions, please number your answers so I can match 'em up, okay?

    AuldSoul (of the "Was Once Blind" class)

  • YoursChelbie
    But, like JWs around the world, when you read Hebrews 10:24, 25 you focus on the WORK (meeting together) and Paul focused on the PURPOSE BEHIND IT (inciting to love and fine works). THE PURPOSE OF THE MEETINGS WAS NOT EDUCATION. And you have missed that all these years because you have been misled.

    I like your use of logic AuldSoul.

    YC (gets ready to shut off PC for the night. Waiting for PMJ to respond will resume tomorrow.)

  • Honesty
    lola.i dont under stand what you mean?the bible says armegeddon is coming.and the bible says jesus is coming to judge.wbts are getting us ready for that time.being a christian is a way of life.thats why jehovahs witnesses are diffrent

    You are so right, PMJ. Compared to others who call themselves Christioan the Jehovah's Witnesses stick out like a sore thumb because: 1. JW's preach a Good News that is completely different from the Good News the Bible promotes and totally opposite of the Good News the early church taught.. 2. The JW's concept of helping their fellow man is very different than what Jesus provided as an example. 3. JW's will turn their backs on anyone they consider 'spiritually weak'. 4. JW's are taught that works produce faith instead of faith produces works. I could go on for days but don't want to bore the contributing members on this board just to help you see something that you obviously do not want to see... The JW's are not a Christian group no matter what they claim. May God have mercy on your deluded soul. Bob Evans Walland, TN.

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